RezHeadz Entertainment gearing up for their “Back 2 School” tour.

As summer vacation is coming to a close and the new school year right around the corner we here at RezHeadz Ent. are gearing up for the 2010 Rezolution “Back 2 School” tour, and what better way to get your students excited and motivated to learn. Smoke’s energetic presentations were created to inspire Leadership, Self esteem, Academic Achievement, Bonding to School, and the Importance of Education.

These programs were developed to increase self-worth, a positive sense of identity, moral character, and to improve your student’s social and emotional growth.

This year we have implemented several new programs that not only inspire and motivate, but also challenge our youth to take action and become leaders. As many of you know Hip-Hop music has been looked upon with skepticism, not only in Native communities but abroad. Truth be told, many people often ignore the positive messages of hip-hop and only focus on the negative.

Fact: In the last 10 years hip-hop has cut across ethnic boundaries and now studies show that music with positive messages is a very effective tool in educating our youth.

We here at RezHeadz have found a way to tap into the core of the subculture and educate to a new tune! Featuring Award Winning Recording Artist and Motivational Speaker Jason “Smoke” Nichols.

In a recent interview with “Smoke” he unveils the man behind the music,

“Hip Hop is a portal that bridges the gaps; it gives the youth an upbeat outlook on change. Academic achievement, entrepreneurship, dedication, perseverance and the importance of setting goals, all of these virtues if applied will set a standard in Native country and ultimately boost morale amongst our young people.”

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  1. like this:

    “Smoke” is credited as the first Native American hip-hop artist to reach the Top 10 music chart markets internationally.

    During his climb to “the top” Nichols requested to his recording management that he would like to do some work with Native youth. The answer: “It wasn’t lucrative.”

    “I had a real feel to do something (for Native youth)” he said. Therefore shortly after he went independent and began his work to inspire native youth across Indian country.

    Nichols says his passion is to preach a message of wellness to students. “It is my goal to provide our young people with a message that not only inspires and motivates, but also shows that through dedication and perseverance anything is possible,” he said.

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