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I’m a white teenager from Bucks County, Pennsylvania who is hoping to get involved in the betterment for the Native American community.  I joined this forum because it is so hard for me, having no background in the Native American culture, to really grasp where to start learning and understanding the modern aspects.  There also aren’t a lot of major organizations in my area on the web in which a teen has the opportunity to get involved, or I’m looking in all the wrong places.  My desire is to teach high school level students on a reservation.  It started as an interest, then an infatuation, to guilt, and finally a motivation for change.  If anyone knows of anyway for me to get involved locally, it would be so much appreciated.  I feel so lost.

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  1. I don’t know Penn well but I know there used to be an Indian Center in Pittsburg. They would have a lot of info. Other than that you should first go ahead and get your teaching credentials and learn as much as possible about our people… perhaps a college with an Indian studies program. Working on a rez is very hard and one must really have a calling to stick with the low pay and overwhelming poverty of the students. Probably the only jobs on the rez being constantly advertized is for teachers, with nurses being second. Here’s are some beginners books you might read. “God is Red” and all of Vine Deloria’s books like the “Indian Manifesto”. Two good novels, “Fools Crow” and “Indian Lawyer” by James Welch. “Laughing Boy”, an old book about the clash of cultures by a non-Indian. And good history like “1491” forgot the author, and Bury My heart at Wounded Knee” the old classic by Dee Brown. Better yet try to get to know some Indians in your state I’m sure there are a few thousand running around there:).
    Good luck on your efforts I appreciate it. I’ll try to answer your questions here, I’m not here very regularly but I’ll get to them. Carter

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