Can anyone help me on traditions of health care practices?

I am currently in Nursing School and I am doing a project on Cultural Diversity in Healthcare. If any Native American female or male could post the answers to the following questions below & state what tribe they belong to I would GREATLY appreciate it!

1) Have you or anyone you know received care in a hospital or clinic?

2) How would you describe your interactions with your healthcare provider?

3) Did you feel any discrimination of any kind while receiving care?

4) Do you prefer a male or female nurse or physician?

5) Is there any special care or needs that you would like or need while in the hospital?

6) Are there any special requirements or traditions about receiving healthcare or with taking medications?

7) What do you feel is the best remedy for a cold?

Who do you receive health care from?

You have no idea how much you are helping me and others to help increase cultural awareness in the health care field to provide better care to everyone equally.

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  1. On the rez we all get health care at an Indian Health Service clinic at the hospital. It’s so underfunded it’s hard to tell who’s at fault when things are done wrong. Long waits, bad diagnosis and a “take an asprin and get rest” mentality is common. As for traditions one main difference is that whole families of Indians gathr when someones sick and the sicker the more gather. Non-Indians need to make room for an extended family. We also burn cedar when we pray, here the hospital makes allowances for it.

    and finally, The common cold is cured by a rum toddy of course.

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