I Called My Congressman and Asked Him To File Impeachment on Illegitimate Trump


I called my Oklahoman Senators and congressman today, and I asked them to file impeachment against Trump. My initial phone call was to my senators, Lankford and Inhofe, let me tell you how it went.

I called them on the way to the gym from work, calling Inhofe’s office first. The lady was extremely pleasant to speak with, as was Lankford’s, whose office I called next (good thing I already had their numbers in my phone). Lankford’s secretary was very helpful too, she told me, “You need to call your congressman first, then we’ll get it if it passes the House.” “Thank you, please tell him I want him to vote ‘no’ on confirming this Supreme Court judge, and if impeachment crosses his desk, please ask him to support it.” She replied, “Thank you and have a good day.” “You too,” I said. Next, I had to look up my exact district and then my Congressman’s number.

Steve Russell speaking at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

I called the office. Steve Russell’s secretary answered, and I told him I was a constituent, in which he said something like “How can I help you today?” “Please tell Congressman Russell I want him to file papers to impeach President Trump. He’s mentally ill in my non-professional opinion. My grandfather died last year and his mind was just not working anymore. I see the same look in Trump’s eyes – he’s not there and he’s gone off the rail. Please tell this to Congressman Russell.” He replied, “I will, thanks for calling.” “You too,” I said.

I really want a representative from the Democratic Party to file impeachment on illegitimate Trump — ya’ know what I’m sayin’?

Thank you Keith.

To end this, I want to give you more reasons I think Trump should be impeached by giving you the first paragraph of my last diary. Thanks for reading.

Will Illegitimate Trump Prevent Human Aid, Resulting in Atrocity? Yes. “Sad.”

The Eight Stages of Genocide by Gregory H. Stanton highlight how human rights deteriorate through the process of genocide as it’s being inflicted, in which guns or machetes are the weapons. Climate Disintegration is the new gun, refusing refugees is the new machete, while they are all in our backyard the Earth. Human activities make Earth warm faster, and those human activities lead to “direct effects … in (the) wars that will start as a result.”

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