Nez Perce Indian art (photo diary)

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A special exhibit at the Fort Vancouver Visitor Center in Vancouver, Washington, featured Nez Perce elder Kevin Peters. Entitled Kevin Peters: Redefining Past and Present, Keven Peters is described at a “contemporary artist with one foot planted in the past.”

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According to the display:

“His painting accurately depicts traditional Nez Perce form, style, and sensibility, but is modern in technique and medium. His deep understanding of his Columbia Plateau and Euro-American cultures enables him to accurately produce elements of Columbia Plateau material culture while redefining our ideas of both the past and the present.”

 photo P1130099_zpslvbemprh.jpg Shown above is Sometimes During a Summerstorm, Her Hair Ran with Rainbows (1991)

According to artist Kevin Peters:

“The dusty pink and cobalt hues are reminiscent of Nez Perce traditional beadwork. The greed and red is common of painted rawhide. This painting brings together these two traditional color spectrums.”

 photo P1130102_zpsnfnhkdvc.jpg Shown above is The Eclectic Collections of Connoisseur Koyote (1999)

According to the display:

“According to the Nimiipuu (Nez Perce) people, the world before humans was inhabited by animals that possessed human traits. The primary animal was Coyote, called it’se-ye-ye by the Nimiipuu, who at times had superhuman powers. The painting shows a modern perspective on this legendary character.”

 photo P1130104_zpsbkroyg10.jpg Shown above is Walks Softly and Carries One Big Hatchet (1992)  photo P1130092_zps5n8jhfzg.jpg  photo P1130093_zps3kykhp1k.jpg  photo P1130094_zps60dn2joz.jpg  photo P1130095_zpstndr3vpr.jpg  photo P1130096_zpsqothcll9.jpg  photo P1130098_zpsw4fuvhwg.jpg  photo P1130106_zpsrzxaqnag.jpg Shown above are gauntlets.  photo P1130108_zpsfu37xmns.jpg Shown above is a mirror bag.  photo P1130110_zpssrfchrxg.jpg Shown above are armbands.  photo P1130112_zpsbztjmoy6.jpg Shown above is a belt bag.  photo P1130114_zpsqdihs2qj.jpg Shown above is a medicine bag.  photo P1130116_zpsyv3sv2fh.jpg Shown above is a rawhide knife sheath.  photo P1130118_zpsrxsggqgw.jpg Shown above is a faux grizzly claw necklace.

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