Some American Indian Art (Photo Diary)

Situated on a bluff high above the Columbia River near Goldendale, Washington, the Maryhill Museum of Art has an outstanding collection of American Indian art and artifacts which are displayed in a series of galleries. In addition, the Museum has displays of recent acquisitions of Native American art displayed in another gallery. Shown below are some of the pieces which are displayed in this gallery.

 photo P1090980_zpsgg9zds0v.jpg Shown above are beaded gauntlets by an unknown Yakama artist. These were made about 1950.  photo P1090982_zpscyppv1uw.jpg Shown above is a beaded Yakama vest.  photo P1090984_zpshm2kcwta.jpg Shown above is a Plateau woman’s wing dress made about 1920. This is probably Cayuse or Umatilla.  photo P1090986_zpsws3jymlp.jpg Shown are beaded gauntlets by an unknown Nez Perce artist. These were made about 1915.  photo P1090988_zpsobc4kveu.jpg Shown above is a Yakama beaded Mickey Mouse bag from the 1930s.  photo P1090990_zps7oeg1xcn.jpg Shown above is a beaded Yakama woman’s hat made about 1960.  photo P1090992_zpsjqtv0gae.jpg Shown above is a Plateau beaded bag.  photo P1090994_zpsbq2umgbb.jpg Shown above is a contour-beaded flat bag by Sophie George (Wasco/Cowlitz/Wenatchi). This was made in 2016. The artist is a well-known regional beadworker.  photo P1090996_zpsdluymsxl.jpg Shown above is a lidded pot by Jemez/Zia potter Elizabeth Medina. This piece was made about 2015. Elizabeth Medina was born into Jemez Pueblo and married into Zia Pueblo.  photo P1090999_zpshwopg7km.jpg Shown above is a black swirl melon jar with kiva step opening by Jemez potter Emma Yepa. This piece was made in 2015.  photo P1100001_zpsmaigx9i4.jpg Shown above is a Cheyenne-style elk ladle may in 2008 by Angela Swedberg.  photo P1100004_zpsyqjddnqz.jpg Shown above is a hoop spirit mask (loon and wolf) made by Yup’ik artist Walter Tutqir Amos in 1978.  photo P1100006_zpscm0x7ggv.jpg Shown above is a cedar root berry basket made by Klikitat weaver Nettie Jackson (1942-2013) in 1983. This basket was woven at the request of William (Bud) and Mary Schlick.  photo P1100008a_zpsm5krhkzg.jpg Shown above is a twined flat bag made by an unknown Yakama artist in the 1940s.  photo P1100008b_zpss55o7yzi.jpg Shown above is a twined purse made by an unknown Nez Perce artist in the 1980s.  photo P1100010_zpsmbf57xno.jpg Shown above is a collection of Plateau baskets from the 1920s and 1930s. The lidded baskets are Klickitat and the others are Yakama.  photo P1100012_zpsf31no2bt.jpg Shown above is a collection of Cowlitz and Klickitat baskets.  photo P1100016_zpsijwrgua0.jpg Shown above is a Klikitat cedar root berry basket.  photo P1100017_zpscxvar1hk.jpg  photo P1100018_zpsucaevvnd.jpg  photo P1100019_zpsigxdxd1s.jpg  photo P1100020_zpszpgfpwfn.jpg  photo P1100021_zpsvwnizppm.jpg The large lidded basket shown above was made by Klickitat weaver Elsie Thomas (1910-2007) in the 1930s.

Indians 101

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