The Peace Pipe Museum (Photo Diary)

The High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon, has a replica of Doris Bounds’ Peace Pipe Museum in Hermiston, Oregon. This museum exhibited her collection from 1962 to 1968. When some of the artifacts suffered serious damage from water leaks and overheating, she closed the museum and transferred most of the collection to the vault in her bank (she was a banker). In 1990, she donated part of her collection to the High Desert Museum.

 photo P1100466_zpsoufnqxce.jpg

According to the Museum display:

“Doris Swayze Bounds was a Hermiston, Oregon, banker with a tremendous passion for American Indian culture. Out of childhood friendships with Indians she developed a life-long interest in native history and life. As an adult, she collected thousands of Indian artifacts, photographs, and other materials in the hope they would someday be used to educate the world about Native Americans.”

 photo P1100463_zpsicm7tnxt.jpg Shown above are her baby moccasins.  photo P1100463a_zpsyvfmfubm.jpg Shown above is the small bag given to her mother by a Nez Perce woman after she was born in 1904.  photo P1100468_zpssvc7cofw.jpg  photo P1100469_zpsvb6pbmys.jpg  photo P1100471_zpsjuo8uamh.jpg  photo P1100472_zpseb5qvwe7.jpg  photo P1100473_zpsmaasjzj6.jpg  photo P1100474_zpsrict7o39.jpg  photo P1100475_zpsjfcm7why.jpg  photo P1100476_zps6vvgwgea.jpg  photo P1100477_zpsnxyumoik.jpg  photo P1100478_zpscuvrnc6x.jpg

Shown above is a parfleche.

 photo P1100479_zpsby4fqkem.jpg  photo P1100480_zpsxzwx4nop.jpg  photo P1100481_zpscf8jhotq.jpg  photo P1100483_zps4hg1szfs.jpg  photo P1100485_zpsptupbajx.jpg  photo P1100486_zpsqte54ouf.jpg  photo P1100488_zpswk89paep.jpg  photo P1100489_zps7w1rvnte.jpg  photo P1100490_zpsaxjwmfs1.jpg  photo P1100492_zpscz1arukk.jpg Banner for Native American Netroots news team, Navajo rug graphic drawn by Neeta Lind aka navajo

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