The Underwood Fair (Photo Diary)

The Underwood family of Underwood, Washington, is descended from the marriage of the daughter of Cascade chief Chenowuth with a U.S. Army officer. At an annual event, known as the Underwood Fair, the family would display their extensive collection of Indian art. Mary Underwood Lane gave many of the Underwood artifacts to the Maryhill Museum.

 photo P1090152_zpswztekbot.jpg The photograph shown above is from about 1906. The woman in the photograph is Martha Ellen Dark Horn, a great, great granddaughter of Chenowuth.

Shown below are some of the items from the Underwood collection.

 photo P1090154_zpspmuexu3c.jpg  photo P1090155_zpsu4al1cjs.jpg  photo P1090156_zpsg7j6rewc.jpg  photo P1090157_zpstrmwjgrh.jpg  photo P1090158_zpsialmmmty.jpg  photo P1090159_zpsmjxuqlz4.jpg  photo P1090160_zpsfb3pazas.jpg  photo P1090161_zpsai8zmlvv.jpg  photo P1090164_zpspqinzfoe.jpg  photo P1090162_zpsjqsysaui.jpg The pair of dolls shown above show Plateau dress. Notice the basketry cap worn by the woman.  photo P1090165_zpsogqdtzuk.jpg  photo P1090167_zpsxlywhkhx.jpg Shown above are earrings made from dentalium shells from the Pacific coast. Maryhill MuseumShown above is the Maryhill Museum of Art near Goldendale, Washington.

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