Three Plateau Women Artists (Photo Diary)

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As Grandmother Taught: Women, Tradition and Plateau Art was a special exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Washington. The exhibit featured the works of three Plateau women artists: HollyAnna Cougar Tracks DeCoteau Little Bull, Bernadine Phillips, and Leanne Campbell.

 photo P1070415_zpscns83sj8.jpg The Columbia River Plateau is shown above.

HollyAnna Cougar Tracks DeCoteau Little Bull

HollyAnna Cougar Tracks DeCoteau Little Bull is a stone carver, beader, basket maker, seamstress, and saddle maker. Her tribal heritage is Yakama, Nez Perce, and Cayuse.

 photo P1070402_zpsyjwemyfp.jpg She is shown here holding a photograph of her great grandmother taken by Edward Curtis.

According to the display:

“HollyAnna is influenced by traditional design and her work is laced with symbolism.”

 photo P1070396_zpsodiji7xj.jpg  photo P1070397_zpsg0axgdle.jpg  photo P1070398_zpscfhf26vp.jpg  photo P1070399_zpsvkprthg0.jpg

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Bernadine Phillips

One of the artists featured in this special exhibit was basket maker Bernadine Phillips (Okanagan/Wenatchi from the Colville Reservation).

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According to the display:

“Bernadine uses a coiled cedar root basketry technique; designs are woven with bear grass, which is either dyed or bleached.”

 photo P1070430_zpsaq28amoe.jpg  photo P1070431_zps7dgryfdo.jpg  photo P1070432_zps4373reqy.jpg  photo P1070434_zpsjhqr5dlh.jpg  photo P1070435_zps8pkrwy0e.jpg  photo P1070436_zpsidoswqop.jpg  photo P1070438_zpshjqdulju.jpg  photo P1070439_zpsbnzpewxz.jpg Shown above is a woven woman’s hat.  photo P1070440_zpsds2kgejy.jpg The basket shown above was made by master basket maker Elaine Timetwa Emerson, Bernadine’s teacher and mentor.  photo P1070442_zpsiybkg4cc.jpg Shown above is the foundation for a basket.

Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell’s heritage is Coeur d’Alene, Nez Perce, Arrow Lakes, and Wenatchee. She is an artist who works in many mediums—beading, basketry, garment-making, drawing, painting, and printmaking. She studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She teaches traditional arts in the Coeur d’Alene Historic Preservation Program, where she is also the Program Manager and Curator. Shown below are some of her pieces which were displayed.

 photo P1070484_zpsgsafj67r.jpg  photo P1070487_zpsmxaavdnu.jpg Shown above is a beaded wool dress and a twined cylinder gathering bag.  photo P1070490_zpswwmebt8i.jpg Shown above are three twined cylinder gathering bags.

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