Glacier National Park: Spiritual Water

Water is a living thing according to many Native American traditions. In some Anishinabe traditions, water symbolizes humility and provides the people with many important lessons regarding life, harmony, and healing. Water is often a part of Native American spiritual practices.  

I recently had the honor of escorting two Kossacks (oke and rfall) a short distance into Glacier National Park, an area which has a spiritual history associated with at least three tribes (Blackfoot, Kootenai, Pend d’Oreille). What follows are simply some photos snapped during this short excursion. Those who follow Native spiritual paths may get a sense of the spirituality of water. Those who follow other paths may simply enjoy the beauty of the park.

Lake McDonald 1

Lake McDonald 2

from bridge

from Apgar

Shown above is Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park.

Upper McDonald 1

Upper McDonald 2

Upper McDonald 3

Shown above is upper McDonald Creek in Glacier National Park.

Moose Area

Shown above is a moose habitat area. In the Anishinabe oral traditions, the place of moose is between the west (which represents death) and north (which represents dreams). Moose is about the nurturing of dreams.

Avalanche Creek 1

Avalanche Creek 2

Avalanche Creek 3

Water Pool

Avalanche Creek 4

Shown above is Avalanche Creek in Glacier National Park.

Water Seep

Shown above is a water seep in an old growth cedar forest.  

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