Native American Movie entitled “Our History”

Movie entitled “Our History”

Hey my Name is Nicholas and I’m currently looking for funding for my new independent film entitle “Our History”. Feel free to check out our Facebook page and feel free to “Like” it Smile. Production will begin in early 2012. I’m looking for donations for the completion of the film. Here’s a plot synopsis:

Set in the early 1900’s, many states payed out “rewards” to citizens for the killing Native Americans. Scalps were presented for compensation. This en-fueled many militias of citizens to conduct this practice. This film will unravel and expose the world to the brutality and inhuman actions taken by these private citizens with the support of their government.

If you are interested please E-Mail me at

Thank you for your Interest Can donate Securely through a PayPal Donation Button!! Will be posting on other forums but feel free to spread the word Smile Thanks again. I will also be hiring a whole new film cast and crew, so after donating feel free to let me know that you are interested. Experience may apply.

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