The Red Nation Society (TRNS)

The Red Nation Society (TRNS)

The Red Nation Society (TRNS)is an online NATIVE AMERICAN COMMUNITY. We are a diverse group of people from diverse Races and Cultures, united and committed to preserving, sharing, building, practicing and respecting the Spirit of Friendship and mutual respect. We promote voice, vision and values of Friendship and mutual respect, to ensure a better World Community.

The Red Nation Society was created by Calvin Tatsey who is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana.  So TRNS is owned by a Native American.

Join us today on our site.  It’s FREE to join and participate in. Click on the link below and fill out an application.  Please give up to five days for approval as Mr. Tatsey is busy at times doing things for his people.


NOTE: We are not a profit site/organization and we do NOT ask for money.  We are a social online Community where Natives and those that are interested in Native ways come together to care about each other.  

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