Voter registration

Voter Registration

After reading EricAZ’s post with great interest, I looked at the apachevote site, then the discussion in the Netroots thread (thank you navajo for including that in your comment at dkos). I was hoping to throw this out for more discussion about voter registration on the rez.  

Apachevote presented voter reg. really well. I was hoping to look at their plan for some ideas, but couldn’t get the slides to load. Is it just something with my browser, or did others have trouble, too?

I went looking for some outlines or plans last week and found a symposium and a Wellstone manual, but they weren’t too helpful.

On and off, there’s been various discussions about doing voter registration here, in the Yurok Nation. There were some tentative plans, as I recall, to work with INDN list to do something, but having lives got in the way; and I think that’s sort of on the back burner right now.

The county Dem Chair, wonderful person, has offered to do voter outreach down here. A tribal member is finally representing our district on the Dem County Council! Yay! Problem is, as cacmp mentioned, to work best, voter reg. has to be a community-based activity. Even community members going door-to-door on the political stump probably wouldn’t be too well received. The only alternative that seems feasible is putting up a voter reg. table at what passes for “downtown” around here. We’ll have a Dem booth at the Salmon Festival, but some people shy away because of the partisan focus. It would be awkward to have another voter reg. booth.

So, any suggestions? Is there some organizing pamphlet or tools out there that I missed?

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