Which Candidates Support Native American Concerns?

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Department of Justice officials have quietly opposed Native Hawaiian self-determination but the administration didn’t outright come out against the recognition bill until last fall.

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The anti-Hawaiian campaign has since been extended to urban Indians, lineal Indian descendants and certain Alaska Natives. In testimony to the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, a DOJ official said that health care for these groups could violate the U.S. Constitution.

I feel less than optimistic about Native American concerns. The recent year has been very difficult and heartbreaking. Since it’s a long list, I will summarize what I am aware of by saying that vital Native American concerns failing within the courts and within congress are far outweighing Native American concerns succeeding within the courts and within congress. So, I will be direct in what I want.

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I want the next president and congress to have solid, working knowledge of the issues surrounding and including tribal sovereignty, and to uphold the promises that have been made to the tribes. Adding to that broad topic, I want the next president and congress to have a comprehensive, alternative, and clean energy plan that they are willing to implement. Please allow me to explain how it relates specifically to tribal sovereignty in my opinion.

Natural energy resources reside mainly on Indigenous lands which the states and the government yet seek to acquire. Overall, Indigenous tribes have not drained the natural resources from their land like the states and the government have used and exploited theirs. Otherwise, why is “most of the world’s remaining natural resources — minerals, freshwater, potential energy sources and more – (are) found within indigenous peoples’ territories.”

I left my crystal ball at home, but as I stated in the beginning, “I feel less than optimistic about Native American concerns.”

I am intentionally not linking to any more “Native American concerns,” so please forgive the shortness of this diary. I want to know that the presidential and congregational candidates know what they are and that they are going to do something about it. The last reason that this is so short is because the Iraq Occupation overshadows most everything else, including Native American concerns in my opinion. I hope that by my making this brief and to the point, that it might receive more attention than it would receive otherwise. Enough said – on to the direct questions.

Does your candidate or you yourself (if you are a candidate) have “a solid working knowledge of the issues surrounding and including tribal sovereignty,” and are you or they willing to work to uphold the promises that have been made by making the time to communicate and to work with the tribal chiefs, elders, and those representing them and their respective tribes when they come to you to talk?

I need to know who to vote for.

I am not and cannot speak for any tribe, and I look forward to hearing your responses, your candidate’s responses, and anyone else’s responses that have something to add to this discussion.

Mitakuye Oyasin

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  1. After many years of voting in national and local elections, my thinking is that candidates will say anything they think will hustle votes for themselves. All we can do is look at their recordsâ??actions, my grandmother told me, speak louder than words.

  2. Grandmother you have. Thanks, I’m going to take her advice and look at their records.

    Think I’ll start with the top contenders, I’m curious to say the least.

  3. and what’s sad, is I’ll really have to dig for it. It doesn’t come up like all the other issues they address. Makes me wonder how many issues have even come up for a vote.

  4. Of particular interest in reference to what you’ve written are Richardson’s actions while he was Clinton’s Sec. of Energy, and upon becoming Governor if New Mexico by “naming 12 tribal members to high-level jobs and another 19 to various boards and commissions.”

    Read the diary, and you’ll see that Richardson has done much more than just talk about supporting Native American interests.

    Mind you, I say all of this as a Kucinich supporter. What Richardson has done to advance Native American interests during his time in public service, though, deserves some recognition.

  5. Ironically I just found this page so I thought that I would join in some conversation to see who and what is out there in Native land. I’m looking forward to meeting a few new friends and sharing some insights from a Native candidates perspective. Please check out my site if you have some time and let me know your thoughts. I do not have it completed at this time,so my Native, Environmental issues and Veterans issues are still to be posted, but it is coming along. My Best to you..

  6. Look at how many people you have right now in the house of reps in Oklahoma. There is a great start to find some really talented Native and non-Native people who genuinely have some great ideals as it relates to Native Country. I personally met a man names Chuck Hoskins and he is one of the most intelligent and fourth-right people I have ever met. He is Native and he is going to serve is state well. We must make a push in each and every state where we have Naives and get them elected into these open seats if we are ever to have a voice. It CAN be done. Stay positive and keep in touch as best as you can!

  7. http://www.killipsforcongress.com  I am working on the Native American issues and Veterans issues pages right now, but the site is running. I am hoping to speak at the next 5 nations meeting in December in Traverse City Michigan. I hope you contact me and let me know about your issues. It is all about building bridges today so that our kids can use them tomorrow.

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