Tulalip Fountains (Photo Diary)

For the tribes of the Tulalip Reservation-Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skykomish, and others-water has been an important economic, cultural, and spiritual resource. Shown below are some of the fountains featuring water from a Tulalip cultural perspective.

8732 photo DSCN8732_zps3e871cc9.jpg

8730 photo DSCN8730_zps9c74e0f2.jpg

8729 photo DSCN8729_zps272e588d.jpg

8727 photo DSCN8727_zps81712794.jpg

8726 photo DSCN8726_zps16fccbb4.jpg

8724 photo DSCN8724_zps14c1779e.jpg

8722 photo DSCN8722_zps0c5ad312.jpg

8721 photo DSCN8721_zps5f3e356f.jpg

8720 photo DSCN8720_zps3cf558d3.jpg

8719 photo DSCN8719_zps5a281455.jpg

8717 photo DSCN8717_zps63813708.jpg

8715 photo DSCN8715_zpsc580e02f.jpg

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  1. The sculpture is really an incredible built. A heart pleasing springs added heavenly look to the scenario.  

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