Bear Butte, Blackwater, & Helicopter Rides…

“Mommy, I wanna see some real Indians praying! Can we take a helicopter ride, pleeeeaasse?” Johnny’s mother, pleased, replied “Yes sweetie, why Blackwater, the greatest homegrown American terrorist organization –

Blackwater Down

The frightening — and possibly illegal — presence of heavily armed private forces in New Orleans only demonstrates what everyone already feared: the utter breakdown of the government.

– has helicopter rides going over Bear Butte.”


Decision on Bear Butte issue 7-1-08

They spent a hour of the hearing testifying about military issues, and praising David Shoe, since he was previously involved in Blackwater, had been in Afganstitan and Iraq and apparently has secret service clearance, even today. They actually brought previous military personnel here to testify on behalf of David Shoe’s character, for a liquor license at a bar located at Bear Butte.

They used the war, they used the military service to gain sympathy and support from the Meade County Commissioners, to acquire the license license.

Does anyone see the irony here? Can someone please explain what the military has to do with a bar, at a sacred site and what they are doing here?

“But mommy, mommy, that Blackwater man said he might have to shoot an American citizen, would he shoot an Indian too?” “Don’t worry about that dear, we only commit cultural genocide against Indians and they haven’t been citizens that long,” the mother said. She continued, “I don’t know little Johnny, they ‘have already strong armed some American Indians who were on public land taking pictures,’ and don’t worry your pretty little head about it – you wouldn’t know if they did anyways and few people would care enough to do much about it.”

(Emphasis mine)

Subject: Protection for Mato Paha (Bear Butte)

Despite protests of American Indian People and other supporters, the county has granted alcohol licenses to the bars. Recently, a corporation has purchased majority ownership in the bar closest to Mato Paha and they are going to have helicopter rides over the butte. We are informed this corporation is affiliated with or are former Blackwater high clearance mercenaries and have already strong armed some American Indians who were on public land taking pictures.

“This is fun mommy! They have those funny – looking colored things around them and they’re weird. Should we be seeing this though mommy, isn’t this like if when you go to the priest and confess, having the confessional walls be made out of plexiglass?” She got angry. “Little Johnny. Those R——ns don’t own that land, even if we did promise it to them in some stupid treaty. The Lord gave us this land by his power and his word, and that’s the end of it!”

Little Johnny answered, “But mommy, if that happened to them, then can’t it happen to us one day if we do nothing about it?”

In Land Conservation, ‘Forever’ May Not Last

When people commit to conserving land, the commitment is often meant to last forever. This is true not only of national and state parks, but also of private land.

Private conservation agreements have protected millions of acres across America, but an unanswered question looms. If circumstances change, can “forever” be undone? That question is at the heart of a legal battle in Johnson County, Wyo.

She became enraged and yelled, “Where’s daddy’s belt!!!”


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