Head of BIA Apologized for Genocide (2000)

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Gover recited a litany of wrongs the BIA inflicted on Indians since its creation as the Indian Office of the War Department. Estimates vary widely, but the agency is believed responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Indians.



The last photo from the Fort Smith Historical Society begins by asking a question: “What does it mean to be civilized?” The implication being, the dominant culture was civilized, while the American Indian culture wasn’t.

The 8 Stages of Genocide

1. Classification:

The 8 Stages of Genocide

2. Symbolization:

What is the proper name for “civilized” and the more overt terms used at the time?

The 8 Stages of Genocide

3. Dehumanization:

Such terms were where “One group denies the humanity of the other group.”

“This agency participated in the ethnic cleansing that befell the Western tribes,” Gover said. “It must be acknowledged that the deliberate spread of disease, the decimation of the mighty bison herds, the use of the poison alcohol to destroy mind and body, and the cowardly killing of women and children made for tragedy on a scale so ghastly that it cannot be dismissed as merely the inevitable consequence of the clash of competing ways of life.”

Furthermore, “Genocide is always organized, usually by the state, though sometimes informally.” Hence, the “deliberate spread of disease, the decimation of the mighty bison herds, the use of the poison alcohol to destroy mind and body, and the cowardly killing of women and children made for tragedy on a scale so ghastly that it cannot be dismissed as merely the inevitable consequence of the clash of competing ways of life.”

The 8 Stages of Genocide

4. Organization:



“Extremists drive the groups apart.  Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda.” Such as, “The practice of pitting Indians against Indians reached its peak in the next phase of military activity, the American Civil War of 1861-65,” kidnapping children and forcing them into the Boarding Schools, forcing the Cherokee into Internment Camps prior to their Trail of Tears, and the Hate Groups yelling “Kill the Indian, save the man” in the U.S. Congress.

The 8 Stages of Genocide

5. Polarization:

How generous indeed, since they didn’t want to go to the 7th stage of genocide, extermination.

The misery continued after the BIA became part of the Interior Department in 1849, Gover said. Children were brutalized in BIA-run boarding schools, Indian languages and religious practices were banned and traditional tribal governments were eliminated, he said. The high rates of alcoholism, suicide and violence in Indian communities today are the result, he said.

Was the Dominant Culture civilized?

The 8 Stages of Genocide


Is the Dominant Culture civilized now?

The legal definition of genocide

Deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to destroy a group
includes the deliberate deprivation of resources needed for the group’s physical survival, such as clean water, food, clothing, shelter or medical services. Deprivation of the means to sustain life can be imposed through confiscation of harvests, blockade of foodstuffs, detention in camps, forcible relocation or expulsion into deserts.



I would have to say yes, the Dominant Culture is civilized now. For to be of the mind set of the Dominant Culture, one must be in genocide denial, and what better word for a culture in denial – than “civilized?”

Civilized, Colonial indeed.

Supreme Court rules in big land-into-trust case

Tribes that weren’t under federal jurisdiction in 1934 cannot follow the land-into-trust process of the Indian Reorganization Act, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday.

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  1. I POSTED THIS TO A OLDER SECTION OF THE FORUM SO I PUT IT HERE SO HOPEFULLY SOMEONE WILL READ IT  Please do not dismiss this out of hand……              on a completly different subject I had a idea the other  day. washington dc is fighting to get its own congress members and senators. technically they do not have real representaion, the case could be made the tribes do not as well, since you have your own nations, with your own laws, you should also have your own senators and congressmen, I doubt each reservation could get its own congressmen, that would add way to many noone would agree because all th states would have to agree, but if the tribes declared that together they deserved 2 senators like each state and a number of congress based on population like the states you made MAJOR headway fast for your peoples. If you tried to get two snators and congressmen based on population like a state does, I think people would have to concede you deserve it. especially if you proposed the idea in the right way. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION
    If you look across world history, the native americans were not the first of the cultures who still felt the heartbeat of the earth, and the stillness of being in the moment, who were subject to societal genocide(and actual genocide of course). As I became more and more entralled in world history, I soon realised that in fact there was a direct goal to this warfare of humans. It isnt exactly as chaotic as we generally think. This is not a white man vs. red man. or even “civilized”man(what a joke that word is) vs. primitive man. It seems to me that this move has been very systematic. Yes some wars were just struggles between people who couldnt quite get along for various reasons, but there was also another kind. Imperial warfare, conquered for domination, happened as well, but theres another kind. Greece is an example as they conquered for imperial reasons they would force the losing culture to warp slightly, but still retain much of its original shape. It was easier for they to conquer more people this way. Rome on the other hand represents one of the major pushes in a slightly different goal in mind. Each place rome would conquer they would ERASE the history of the original people. The druidic libraries for instance were even larger than the libraries of alexandria(which rome also burned) each place they went they erased EVERY shred of decency, of connection to our planet and the moment itself. In fact rome would sometimes bypass just as powerful people to target the peoples who remembered the ancients knowledge. Theres many more details Im trying to condense this, but if you read european history and asian for that matter you will see this clearly. Every people who remembered how to connect to our deeper selves and their surroundings were systematically destroyed. Rome realised its style was not going to work anymore, and they designed the catholic church and the holy roman empire. (the actual christians were already killed what we call christian today broke of catholicism WAY WAY later, with martin luther if Im not mistaken) Then the dark ages ensued, the inqusition in europe(which was no less hellish then even hitler) Then since this a native american site Im know you all know even better than me what happened when this same power structure was brought over to north america. Heck columbus already enslaved many many thousands on his first trip. I also find it very strange that as the spainards(who were the arm of the catholic church at the time) went first to the mayans and burned their books, before even going after the aztecs, even though at the time the mayans carried alot of old knowledge in their writings but little wealth atleast in spanish terms of wealth. because I think they knew the aztecs didnt have the type of knowledge the mayans did. And from there of course it was a extremely deliberate, and systematic destruction of the cultures and identities of the tribes here across the americas. Yes to some degree just by exploration some type of change was inevitable, I still feel if you make a timeline of how it was done it becomes clear, that this was the plan from the start. Of course most americans were not in on the scam or the design of it, most came here escaping similar treatments as the tribes were getting here. Doesnt make it right but still most didnt conceptualize what exactly was happening. This system seeks to erase humans knowledge of themselves. Of the inner worlds (luckily) the native peoples still remember today. Of course remembering the moment our infinite dance with spirit and the earth is not limited only to native americans, if you go back far enough we all used to have this knowledge, which is in fact why they needed the inqusition and burned 10s of thousands of people in europe as withces and other things. They were weeding out anyone who remembered this silence. This is a war. Between a group who since heck atlast roman times, has decided it is thier right to steal our heritage from us. Im not questioning anyones religion even catholics, because even though people of most religions have been drawn into the wrong side of this war for the human spirit, and the sacred dance, most of these people due to falacy did in fact think they were doing the right thing. because like I said they forgot how to remember themselves and this sacred dance. God has been turned into another dictator, rather then the forces running through everything, god is a central point of LAWS. In this war there is no right religion (or maybe there is lol) but the need for ALL of us all creeds and colors to unite for the earth, our spirit, and ability for SELF determination to this end. People with entirely different veiws cultures and races can unite for this goal, if they actually saw what this war was really about. And also as I see it most of the worlds peoples have something to teach, if we humble ourselves to it. There are still peoples who remember this sacred dance the world over, and even in conquered cultures many spring up, but the native americans are in an amazing position. Your peoples are probably the last people who have a direct link to this past rememberance of what it like to live in tune, (or atleast mostly none of us are perfect) yes of course, youve been down trodden, and things (atleast now) could not be exactly like back in the bygone days, but if you show choose could remind the world of this. I know the tribes souls have been hurt, but I see in your eyes, that soul is STILL THERE. Dont let the past hold you down. I know your proud peoples, but take the pride out of it and you can regain your lost power. Im not going to try to tell you how to do that, although I have ideas I would do if I was in your unique postions(I say unique because other cultures in a similar place as you are still being opressed, and subtly your people still are but unfortunatly most of the subtlty is now because this power system taught you to do it to yourselves)

     Please dont think this was an attack, in my way I value the native american cultures amazingly. For some reason no matter how I word things most natives see these things as attacks, because of their continued pain over the past. I would like to sahre a thought. Yes this power struglle(between th e elites spreading domination and peoples remembering soul and self determination) has stomped out the sacred fie of the native americans, pissed on it, spilled blood on it, came back later and beat it down made it fear its own divinity. But guess what, as I know you all know there are some coals off on the side that are more then enough. Find some twigs and blow. The reason Im saying these things is because time is late as you all know, the world is demanding we come together, work together dispite differences(doesnt mean we all have to agree heck would be boring if we did) to tear down tese systems, which seek to enslave all of our hearts and minds. When I look into the majority of my races eyes, maybe 20 percent still have direct contact with their soul(this is my opinion of course Im not claiming Im definately right) When I look into nativ americans eyes its more like 80 percent who still have this link. This system of control works through divide an conquer it always has. If the tribe dropped their pain( I know it hurts, you lost so much as did we all, just earlier in history then you) and stop working for this system, stop supporting it. in our hearts and minds. It breaks my heart that so many natives I live around hate me simply because Im white(as do the hispanics here, and most of the whites because im not much like them either) Im not originally from new mexico I had dreams telling me to come here because of the changes I think are coming. we cannot change the past, what we can do is relight this sacred fire together, sit on our respecitve sides of this sacred fire, and heal together, doesnt mean we have to agree or even share everything, we can tend this fire together, without giving away ourselves to the other.
     And if the dreams I have are accurate(which to my surpise they have been extremely accurate so far) the abiltiy for us to come together dispite difernces and past mistakes, one way this healing can happen is for the tribes to realise, most whites would not have done what they did had they remembered their souls, thier sacred dance, which for them was ereased generations earlier back in europe, this doesnt make it right but on a soul level look at it like children, who know not what they do. Please learn to forgive. Most tribes have absolutly nothing to feel ashamed for, besides one thing. You know better I see it in your eyes, You know this world is about to die, yet your still pissed because your true future( as you see it was stolen) well guess what this IS YOUR TRUE FUTURE. Yes I know anyone still reading my rant probably just stopped but har me out. whatever is guiding us humans is guiding us all right? we all see through our own veils but we have the same god th same creator, and are connected to the same earth, your people dont carry native american secrets you carry HUMAN secrets, which many of the rest of us forgot. The great spirit in my humble opinion gave your beuatiful people a special chore, to relight the sacred fire, which clearly the embers of are still in your hearts and eyes. If you as a people can get over your pain you could if you choose lead the world back home, I know many tribal leaders tried in their own way. But sometimes you have to teach a child on their terms rather then your own. Im not saying I think the tribes should share their whole culture not at all, I simply mean if you so choose and worked together, rebuild this sacred fire, it would show. I learn alot from peoples eyes. I watch how the tribes in my area are, people are dumbfounded by the nbatives, their souls feel the TRUTH that the tribal people have their souls closer to the surface so to speak, yet they cant understand why(fronm their perspective) the tribal peoples are so down, why cant they pick themselves up? of course this is because your identity as a people was been ripped apart. So you just wait. and wait. plase stop waiting, live the magic I know you still carry, live it and share it just by the fact we live so close together, people souls will not be confused then when they see the depth of tribal poples, when they see that depth they will be able to connect it with the balnced ways, you remember how to live, of course with running water and such it would be different but could still be as connected. The balance the sacred dance would shine through, and at a deep level remind peple of our true connections to eachother and the earth. right now you just confuse people, which is the real reason people dont like to look in your eyes, I watch white people here affraid to look in natives eyes, and I think this helped build the reason why natives still wont heal, they think they are being judged, but I can assure you, with many people the real reason is you confuse them, they feel the truth of your closer link to life itself, yet when they look at you they dont undrstand why or howbecause due to your own current fears(this elite power structure beat into you) remember your not the only ones, had this not already happened to my people they NEVER would have done it to yours. I say this from the deepest warmest place in my heart, we are all children of this earth we must save it together, and the enemy is not white man or yellow man or arabs. the enemy is domination, and fear, and seperaton of our very soul the moent, the now. The sacred fire is being put out. This fire once belonged to all of us although you are among the last people to actively tend this fire.

     Please take your ego out of it, and when others like me scream with our hearts for you to help, stand with a unwavering intent against those who feel it is there right to bury the light, ignore all race, and creed, and stand with one voice with us.

     Please dont be offended by my opinions, Im sure Im wrong on some things and I hope I didnt offend you because as I see it your people could make this a struggle rather then a all out war, you carry more of this ancient fire then just about any other peoples on earth, of course it isnt solely yours but you remember. I started out nearly hating white people myself and I am white. Im not joking, slavery, (blakcs) genocide (natives) then all of it white washed with hipocracy, (the idea we came here for religious freedom yet made native religions illegal WTF) but as I studied it I realised it wasnt white people who did this but a ancient but still active elitist self serving cult, who GET OFF on the fact that once they use war to erase a peoples connections to life, that those same people would then spread that death, be proud that they had to kill most of your people, sick I know but think of it this way, your among the few peoples on the earth who they had to just attempt to erase(they would have killed you all had americans in general started slowly to realise it wasnt right) if you had been a weaker peoples I wont name names but other peoples in the world feel way easier, and forgot their sacred fires way faster, and way more completly. But I know from your eyes the native americans REMEMBER> but sadly I cant figiure out why you hide it, I always wonder if the elites did in fact convince you your ways were lesser, sure some might have been, but the sacred dance you wove was of course not, because no matter what culture in what time in any level of technology the sacred dance and connection to our soul the moment is needed our w are never complete.

    You are my brothers and sisters, love me for my faults and as well as triumphs as I do you, and we migt just rebuild this sacred fire, and resume our sacred dance together. We all dance a little different, but when the bullshyt is whipped away, we can get past our dogmas, we are in this togeher, we always have been. It was your destiny to meet white people, to be changed, sadly since whites were taken over long ago we forgot our sacred dance, but many of us are remembering because our soul always calls us home for one, and because the earth the universe?creator?creation is demanding it. You can lead the way. You have the power I see it. I feel it.

    Sadly Im affraid we will not relight this sacred dance as we should, as our souls are calling us to. But please help me rewrite this story. we do indeed have the power, we are indeed being called home to the moment to the now. to internal silence. inner peace. contentment. this soceity is a cancer, we could take the best of it and scrap the rest. or it will scrap us, do you really think if it scraps us, your people can just go back to the old ways? dont full yourselves, we must heal and come together it is our lesson. if we do not chaos will come, like the world has never known, but it doesnt have to be, suire there will be survivors and their will be native americans among them of course, but if thats the path we choose as so far we are, it will be a lot longer darker road, if we relight the sacre dfire, your peoples can indeed return atleast mostly to the old ways or not intact. the new age movement has been begging for your guidance for decades, without your depth much (not all) of the movement is a bunch of yuppies running around the woods breathing deeply, lol sure its a start, the ancient bow drill is starting its thing, but heck you still have hot coals, pas them around, and renew. nothing can undue the wrongs of the past, how could it, but as humans we dont have to repeat them. learn your lessons from this as we must from you. we create this reality all of us humans, we like to individualize it personally and as peoples, mostly this is falacy we are all human

     we are in this together my friends, please know I love your peoples and value them even more than I do my own(since my celtic and “pagan” ancestors have been erased)please relight the fire I see in your eyes, pass the fire around the pipe of peace may be hidden but it isnt borken not yet, although if we all let it get much worse it might be. we will have to start from scratch, it is not yet to late, not yet…..  

     I reread my post and decided some might think I was implying there isnt still racist white people, of course there is, many of them, but not as many as you might think, racists are often the more vocal people. and because of the pain thats what you see easiest. but you cant deny whites and natives alike must come together, and we are in fact all being called to the same place, back home to our soul the eternal now, the inner silence that comes from a humble life and spirit, the sacred dance of balance with our planet and universe god itself evolving.
    I didnt mean to offend anyone if I did I appologize. I truly truly didnt want to, I want to find a way to build a new story, because th story I feel is being written (for us) is not a good one. and the people in the best position to change the story the most is the natives. If we fail to bring this fire back to life, it might just be ereased for good.  

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