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Apr 22, 2009

   OMG!! I’m a Klamath Tribal Member that wants to remain “Anonymous”!! For my family’s protection! After the Afro-Man Concert at Legends, there was an After-Party where I will keep un-named, still for my protection, and one of our Tribal Council member was at partying up with the rest of us! Everything was cool, and nobody cared about her being there. We all party and who cares what goes on. Then all hell broke loose, and the cops showed up, but we were able to calm everything down when 5.0 showed up! That Tribal Council Member acted like she was untouchable and started talking s*#* with one of my invited guests. I asked her to knock it off, as this was my home, and then she started cussing and yelling at me and some other tribal girls got involved and told her to respect MY HOME and knock it off! As she drank more, she became more beligerent and spouted off that she was a “Tribal Council Leader” and she could do whatever she wanted to do! I told her to leave the party, at which she spit in my face, as she opened up another bottle of her beers and she told me to go F’ my self! That’s when I called the cops, but other tribal members that were present, whisked her away in their car and by the time the cops arrived, she was gone. They asked me to tell me who she was, but I do not know her name, but I could only describe her as highly, fancy dressed, with dark hair, short and heavy set, and cussed dramatically! After asking other tribal members if they knew who she was, the ones that knew who she was, told me that they knew her as Jeannie. Some called her just as a McNair. Other tribal members at our party said they only knew her as Corrine Hicks’ daughter, but they would not come forward with her identity to police, because they did not want this news to smear our Tribal Government! We kicked her out and after that, the after-party remained mild and there were no other altercations after her supporters swept her away before the cops could do anything.…


Back in September, I read the above post.  I also saw the picture of the Tribal Council and I wanted to take a closer look at the council members, so I enlarged the photo and ran it through a few filters.



At a distance, she appears to have bangs covering her forehead. There are no bangs. Her skin is mottled from the bottom of her eyes up.





This is a carving by Lawrence Jacquez of a Lenadyooshi, or Skinwalker.…


His eyes appear to be closed.  









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