looking for a native indian person to correspond with

I’m a french woman, I really would like to correspond with a native indian person, to meet her or hiw – why not?
I’m very interested by this people’s history, I live in France but I would be very very happy to go to the USA to

meet indian people..
Thank you for answering me..
PS: sorry, I’ve not practiced my english since a long long time..


  1. Hi. I am 1/8th Cherokee, perhaps you may like to correpond with me.

    By the way, the term Native Indian shouldn’t be used to define our people. What would be better suited is Turtle Islander as “Turtle Island” is the term used by all “Native” peoples to describe the continent of North America. You could also call us Mulese, since a great majority of us are descendents of the ancient Civilization of Mu that had existed around the same time as Atlantis and Lemuria. After the fall of Mu, the people moved to the East Asia coast where they lived until they move Eastward across Beringia becoming many of the diverse Native groups except for Eskimos and Na Dene groups which are Eurasiatic or relative to the Chinese and Tibetans.

    You could also call us Native Americans as the Americans call us, First Nationals as the Canadians call us, or American Aboriginals as the British and Australians call us. But we generally won’t accept these terms since they aren’t from our people to describe ourselves. But Mulese or Turtle Islander would do.  

  2. Our people and Tribes have real names, not Mu’ers or Islanders. Those names are silly. I’m a Ponca man from the Ponca Nation. Native American is ok as is American Indian or Indian for short. Online many Indian people use “ndn” as an abreviation. Canadians use “First Nations”. Our people have always been here, we don’t come “from” any place but here.

    As Nations we have extensive contacts in Europe including France where those who want to know about us can contact or you can contact a legitimate Nation through their websites but beware of those who are a little bit Indian but think they know a lot.

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