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NAN Masthead Profile Picnavajo (Neeta Lind) Navajo Nation

Neeta is the community organizer of SFKossacks, the readers of Daily Kos in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also founded Native American Netroots, an online forum for the discussion of political, social and economic issues affecting the indigenous peoples of the United States, including their lack of political representation, economic deprivation, health care issues, and the on-going struggle for preservation of identity and cultural history. Neeta has led the Native American Caucus at Netroots Nation every year since 2006. Her recent 2010 blogging caught the attention of Keith Olbermann to focus a couple of segments of Countdown on the winter ice storm disaster in South Dakota that devastated the Lakota Reservations; hundreds of thousands of dollars were raised to help these tribes as a result.

Executive Editor

Meteor BladesMeteor Blades (Timothy Lange) Seminole

Tim has blogged on-line as Meteor Blades since 2003. Born in 1946, he has been politically active since 1964 when he participated in voter registration in Mississippi with the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee in Freedom Summer. He was involved as an organizer in Students for a Democratic Society and, for 16 years, as a member of the American Indian Movement. He was incarcerated at the Industrial School for Boys in Golden, Colorado, for 23 months and spent 13 months at a federal prison camp for refusing the draft.

He has remained active as a foot-soldier in the antiwar and anti-intervention movement ever since. His most serious political campaign work was in third-tier paid positions for Pat Schroeder and Tim Wirth during their first election efforts in 1972 and 1974, respectively. He continues to do precinct work in Los Angeles.

In 1973, together with 14 other women and men, he co-founded and served on the board of the Boulder Valley Clinic, one of nation’s first nonprofit abortion providers. He has been a reporter, editor and publisher for both alternative and mainstream publications, including Front Range Publishing, Westword, the Associated Press, Rocky Mountain News, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner and Los Angeles Times.

Contributing Editor

Aji2Aji, Anishinaabe Nation

Aji is a wiisaakodewikwe, a woman of mixed-raced ancestry (Anishinaabe, Irish/German, and African American).  A contributing editor at Native American Netroots and a blogger at DailyKos and her own site, she writes regularly on NDN and tribal issues; women’s issues; the environment; and law, politics, and public policy.  She also maintains the site for her spouse’s gallery, where she also writes about Native American art.

Senior Historian & Writer

DSCF1790Ojibwa, as his blog name indicates, is of Canadian Anishinabe heritage. He currently serves as a traditional ceremonial leader in an off-reservation community. Professionally, he is a retired pollster with a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Arizona. While most of his professional work has focused on non-Indian communities, a number of years ago a Blackfoot elder offered him tobacco and asked him to write a series of books on American Indian cultures and histories. The result has been nearly 20 books and a newsletter, Spirit Talk News, published 6 times a year. He is also an adjunct instructor at a small, rural community college where he teaches Native American Studies as well as some classes in Anthropology, Archaeology, and Geography.

Veterans Affairs Correspondent

DaNang65  DaNang65 USMC Combat Engineer, 1963-’67, RVN ’65-’66, ’66-’67

Past Post Commander, IN AMVETS Post 20, Certified AMVETS Service Officer, Indiana AMVETS Distinguished Service Award winner, Life Member VFW Post 969, Member AZ American Legion Post 68

Featured Writers

430933687_0a9ba2ad65_s (2) winter rabbit

Mark_TrahantMark Trahant, Shoshone-Bannock Nations

Mark is the former editor of the editorial page for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He lives in Fort Hall, Idaho.


exmeardenR I P November 26, 2010 We love you Kris.

exmearden, 51, is a writer, mother of three adult children, newly minted grandmother, and lifelong Pacific Northwesterner, aside from a brief habitation in LA and San Francisco in the early 1980’s. Her first memories of politics are pegged to family dinner discussions at a certain yellow formica table in a small coastal Oregon motel owned and operated by her “Kennedy Democrat” parents in the 1960’s.

Once upon a time, exmearden had thoughts of becoming a professional golfer, a hermit driftwood sculptor, a CIA agent, a maritime attorney, or a civil war historian. Real life endeavors in advertising, property management, high school teaching, library research, a two-week stint as a an X-rated film projectionist, software trainer for the Air Force Reserve, and her subsequent two decades in the software industry persuaded her that alternative paths also offer a curious narrative.

exmearden resides with most of the loves of her life – her two younger adult daughters, three pug-a-poos, and two pomeranians – in a suburb of the greater Seattle area, the city of her birth in 1958. Additionally, she lives with cardiac angiosarcoma and each month she goes on a five day “chemo” vacation hosted at the University of Washington Medical Center in liaison with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Land of Enchantment


Rosebud Reservation

Carter Camp 1993cacamp (Carter Camp) Ponca Nation

Carter, a long time political activist was one of the original AIM organizers who took over Wounded Knee in 1973 and held it for 71 days. Carter was in charge of Military Actions. Under his leadership with several others they brought much needed national and international attention to American Indian issues.




Pine Ridge Reservation

Kevin Killer

Oglala Lakota

Standing Rock Reservation

Prairie Rose Seminole

Contributing Writers


Bill in MD: B.S. in Physics, M.S. in Physics. 22 years working for federal government.

DeepHarm: BS degrees in emergency management and geosciences. Sixteen years experience helping federal, state, local and tribal governments plan for disasters, including weapons of mass destruction. Currently retired from the federal government.


Kitsap River


No Way Lack of Brain


2010 South Dakota Ice Storm Brigade:






Richard Blair


Tom Lemon


Chris Rodda


Kentucky Kat

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  1. While the jest of the info is good, there are serious errors in who was where and the Monclova. Coahuila community (not Mount Clover as many have written.) The descendants of those that met at Waco, not Monclova following the Treaty of Birds Fort are written about in length at an article by the Texas State Historical Association under the title Mount Tabor Indian Community. A similar although less vetted article can be found under the same name in Wikipedia. Reading these should allow the author to clarify the errors within his article.



    Thank you
    J. C. Thompson
    Former Tribal Chairman
    Mount Tabor Indian Community

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