Abolishing Reservations??

I was living in Germany for the last 20 years and now am back in the USA. I am attending college in WA, State and recently heard from one of my professors that there are those who believe that the reservations should be abolished.  this will be the theme of my next essay, but I know little about it.

Is is a political movement, a law trying to be put into effect, a concept from the grassroots?

Can anyone help me understand this, and moreover, tell me, as Native Americans what you think about this?

Thanks a lot and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Abolishing Reservations??

  1. the gov had a policy called ‘termination” which sought to pay the people of a tribe to sell their lands and become regular citizens of the state. It didn’t work and created many hardships for the tribes who agreed. It was repealed and has become one of the two most hated policies the American ever had, the other being “assimilation” or ‘kill the Indian, save the man’ which was the goal of the boarding school era.

    Today those policies are trumped by those white people who still desire to see our history end. They even have an organization that tries to further their cause.

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