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Subject: Letter adressing Encouragement for Lakota Youth

Anpetu Was`te  Friends and Relatives

Today i am going to express myself to you. About the call  in to the white house. I and many others wanted to do this for our Youth. It’s them who are suffering the most because they are still innocent and should not have carry the pain of Genocide and it’s drystructuion that the U.S left. I see alot of negativity out there about the call in. Such as: Lost cause, Hopeless, There never gonna listen, They don’t care, beating on the same ol’ drum, ect….


I can understand now how these youth feel. That’s exactly what the youth are sayig about us older ones. But i do care, i do love them and i will not give up on them. I am not defeated and i will not carry that attitude. The youth and youngs ones are watching us. I was asked this morning by phone from a niece of mine. Who did try to commited suicide before. “Aunite are you still calling that Obama guy.. to listen,” I said  yes. She say’s “even if he don’t answer you Auntie at least we know you listen and care”. She only 14 years old and has been aged beyond her years becaue of genocide.

Maybe many of us have differences but that does not mean we can’t all work together for a greater cause. The Lakota Youth of Pine Ridge need your voice. So please don’t be discouraged and they are watching us from the school computers. So lets’ give them and courage. We are going to be heard if we all work together. The call in is just many way of getting them to listen. We all know how the U.S works if you don’t have something they want they will not listen. But they sure will take our lands for nothing in return. Oh what yes i am wrong they give us Something GENOCIDE, OPPRESSION,POVERTY.

Wopila Tanka

Payabaya/Ite Sica

Tetwon Oglala Lakota Winayn

Autumn Two Bulls…


  1. a very simple and direct style that comes straight from the heart. Very impressive, and I think we can all learn a lot from her contributions here and at DK.

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