some thoughts…..


  My name is Sherry.  I was born and raised on the rosebud (st. francis).  I’m 41, but don’t quite know how to act it – yet. 😉

~~these are all my very own personal thoughts.~~

  I’m a pretty honest and open person, but I do have trust issues.  I can be blunt at times-staight forward and to the point, but I have no intentions on hurting anyone’s feelings.

I apoligize in advance, in case I accidently step-on-some-toes.  

I’m Sorry


If anyone has questions about anything, just ask.  I’ve been trying to read minds, but that just isn’t working out for me. 🙁


  1. I’ve been really busy so am not very active online right now, but I think of you and your people on the rez often and wonder how things are going? I’m serious about visiting you some day. I’m going to get Skype credit so I can call landlines and cells in the US for a flat fee of about $6 per month, then it’ll be easier – to say nothing of cheaper – to call you now and then to say hello. And to get first-hand information about any progress you might be seeing. Keep posting here – this blog was pretty sleepy, I guess, but I have the feeling it’s going to grow quite a bit in the near future.

    Maybe catch up with you online soon. Take care !

  2. It’s a safe bet that you and I have not yet met but I hope to do so some time. I live in western Washington, so that’s going to have to be sometime in the future, not soon. But you’re exactly one of the people that some of us in the Native American Netroots project would like to talk with, because you go everywhere and see all sorts of people.

    More on this later. I’m more afraid of stepping on toes here than anybody but I just open my big mouth and let it out (figuratively, of course), so ask away if you have questions and we’ll do the same. Welcome!!

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