The Bigger Picture of the Media attetion- After the storms pass poverty still exsists

Can’te Was’te nape Ciuzape Waniyetu Was’te Win Emachiyapi.

Greetings to all Nations, supporters, relatives and friends.

We would like to Thank all of you in your endless courage to bring AIDE to the Lakota Nations that needed your help during the devastating storms that have been hitting us. On the Lakota Sioux Reservations this winter. With your support many of our rservations have received AIDE. But there still is a bigger picture to the Reservations that we don’t want to forget. It’s about the daily living conditions of the Lakota People. And, the overwhelming hardships that our people face everyday. If you search any where on the internet you will find the negative satistics about the reservations here in South Dakota. I know many people out there don’t quite have the idea of the real situtations here on the reservations. I live on the Pine Ridge reservation and I see everyday what is going on here. It’s a daily struggle just to be heard. And to try to give the people a voice. I have had many struggles to get get us heard as the Lakota People. I mean giving them a voice to be heard. I know we as all nations have our government but we as the people have a right to speak up when we feel we need change. I don’t speak for our tribal government I am not a spokeswoman for them. But I do speak up because I see that our Nation is hurting from Genocide and Oppression.

So the bigger picture is that when the storm passes the people will still have to live in poverty. They will still have many obsticals to over come just to survive. This is a time when the native people shouldn’t have to live like this. So it’s very important to bring awareness about the current living conditions that many of the Lakota people have to live in. I know that there are also people on the Pine Ridge reservation who have jobs and a good source of income. But there’s many out there who don’t. Many don’t even have income, no cars, no way to fend for the families, even if they wanted too. We have to remember these people… it’s only fair. I was listening to the council meeting the other day on the radio and I heard them say we have to work with the system. I was really shocked that they would say that because the systems works us. Look at the statistics.

We have to find change for a better future for the people. And in doing this, those of you who don’t understand what is really going on and shouldn’t jump the gun and should learn. Also we can’t have this whole conquer and divide attitude towards one another. Yes, we as native nations all need help. We need to empower ourselves first, take pride back in our cultures and language. And for people who have been putting out alot of negative about not helping our reservations, you need to come here and see for yourselves. Walk in our shoes for awhile. We all worked hard to bring awareness about the storms that hit our reservations. And got the media’s attention. Now maybe the world will see the bigger picture. I am not slamming our tribal government but trying to work with them. I am a Oglala Lakota who has the right to speak up for change. This is the time now when we all have to work together to bring it.

If you take a drive through our reservations you will see that there is no economical development here. You will see how far you have to go just to get food and suppilies. And for a familiy who wants to help themselves it’s hard for us. This is not about a personal vendeta against any one person. Because we are all working hard towards helping the Nations become healthy again. It saddens my heart that the diversity is taking away from the bigger picture. The families who are hurting from genocide. There are families who do need your support. And maybe the sun is shining today and there is no storm at the moment. But the people have been living in poverty for the past 150 years. Since they put us on these prisons camps. We as native people have to work together as we have always done. With the support of all Nations all colors and creeds. We can get this done. One day hopefully soon I want to see the Native people reclaim what is rightfully theirs. Our way of life to be healthy, mentally, spirituly, physically, and emotionally, and free of this sickness that was laid on us like a heavy blanket.

So let’s remember that there are families who need your support. Let’s not let all the negativity get in our way to help those who need us. I know all the negativity has hit me hard and I had to push it out of the way. And I pray for those people that one day they will join us in the Movement of Change for the future generations. Let’s not work against each other. We need change for the youth, the parents who need to bring themselves out of poverty. To lay down the sickness that was given to us. The Historical trauma that our people suffer from. The time for change is now. I had to grow up in this sickness. Because of oppression genocide, and historical trauma I had to bury many of my family members and friends. But do not judge my people harshly it’s not their fault what has happened to them. We are healing as a Nation now. Let’s work together for the better of the future generations.

Wopila Tanka Autumn Two Bulls  

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