Understanding Historical Trauma Genocide & Opression



In the times of our great grands fathers and grandmothers who stood their ground to fight for their land and way of life as Native People. They understood what was coming for us. Even though they would never met us. They loved us. Our ancestors did not want this new way of life. They were happy and had their own way of goverment. Which met the needs of all people. They worked together,not as individuals. Everything they stood for was for everybody and they never left nobody out. Men and Women had their roles. Each person had duty to service the Tiospaye. Working together to benifit all the People. The young men were taught how to be men and fend for the women and children. The Older women taught the young women how to take care of their homes and children. Everybody had a structical society order they followed to create unity. Our Ansectors knew that is was the furture generations that would carry their way of life on. And, they did everything to protect them and teach them the way of life.

Our ansectors would all meet and decide together what was right for the people. They put all their ideas together and chose the best solutions. When the historical trauma began for native people. They put us in a stand still with balance and nature. The wave of destruction had began and our ancestor knew this. We as Native people have been hurt so much in every possible. It was not fair and it was not right. But we know what happen to us. It’s up to us to bring real change for all people. There’s no reason why innocent people should have to suffer. On the Indian reservations many people go unheard. They don’t chose to live in poverty. Without ways to support their families. Generations are born into poverty. I was born and raised her all my life on the Pine Ridge reservation. I seen the struggles of many people growing up and now. I also fell into the genocidal way of living for a short time. I had to come full circle in it to realize how i could support my people.

Growing up we would hear the olds one talk of these bad things that happen to them and could see the fear in them. They feared because they did not want that to happen to us. It was the older generation who paved a way for us young ones to follow. In their days it was frowned upon to be native. They stood their ground and got us our rights. So today we could push for change with in ourselves. In order to be successful in this movement we have to heal with in ourselves. I know i had to take a good look at the way i was living and ask what is it i stand for. I carried hurt and pain from generations before me It is was called Genocide and i gave it back. We understand now what is going on and what has happened to us as Native people. It is a choice now to live that genocidal way or give it back. We have to be strong for each other as one Nation for all Natives. We all pray the same prayer. Not one of us is better than any other. In this movement we need to put ego’s down and be humble as we can. To be teachers to those who don’t understand. And i have been told by many leaders and elders “when you step up to help your people they will attack you because it’s oppression, but do not hate them or condem them, help them see it’s their own hurt and pain their showing. When you want to help your people be humble and don’t make them feel bad for asking for help. It’s called being a warrior! But most important work together.” I honor the Ancestors for their endless courage and the will to fight for us and our land and way of life.

Oglala Lakota

Great- Grand daughter of Chief Smoke and Chief Young Mand Afraid of his Horses treaty signer of the 1868 Fort Lamerie Treaty

Anpo Wichapi Winyan Katela ( Morning Star Warrior Women Society)

Autumn Two Bulls

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