Open Thread for Nov. 8-13, 2010


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  1. I am always thinking of stuff to pass on here but now that you put up the open thread my mind is blank.

    Oh yeah, Linda called Liheap but the director was out. We’ll try again tomorrow. My thinking on it is that we’ll need to begin a campaign to get congress to either restore money to liheap nationally or to give the reservations specifically some help.

    Congresswoman Herseth/Sandlin got voted out but is still interested in making a run for the senate later. Her office will be a target as will senators Johnson and Thune. Johnson openly says he owes his last election to the ndn vote. Thune is probably a lost cause since he’s running for prez as a near-teabagger.

    Has anyone confirmed the 47% cut?

    btw, I’ve left Flandreau and moved to Sioux Falls because the commute was too damn far and my car too rez to make it every day.

  2. The argus leader has begun an eight day series about growing up on the South Dakota rez. So far, (day 3) it seems pretty good though not too comprehensive. I recomend it for those who are curious about rez life. Here’s a link…


  3. A new reader left a comment in my diary Saturday and I promised to raise the question he asked here. If you have any helpful links for this person, please list them either here or as a reply to the comment in my diary. Thanks!

    Doing it right (4.00 / 1) [delete comment]

    IP Address:

    Hey, new poster here.  I’m interested in menswear for the general public in north and south America that references Native American and Mexican aesthetics, uses traditional materials, workmanship, and provides employment for  artisans and designers on both sides of the border.  I agree the above is tacky bullshit, but is there a way to interpret Native designs and aesthetics for the general public that is not appropriation?  Can someone give me references for designers Native and non-Native that are working with Native themes for modern street wear (other than t-shirts)?  

    My motivation is, living in Mexico much of the time, I see that the young Mexicans don’t want to dress like their grandparents, so older artisans aren’t passing down their knowledge.  Younger Latino/Native folks are so often on the move from pueblo to city, and from south to north and back, they need clothes that work equally on the city street, in the pueblo, in an office, or on the farm.  With updated street-wise designs, the new generation can be enticed into learning the old techniques and materials, and the older generation can pass on their knowledge.  Everyone can make some money selling clothes.  So hopefully, this would also stimulate traditional/sacred textile work.  If you’re getting paid to do sportswear for export, you have cash to buy supplies to make serious garments for the local saints and festivals.

    by: corinroyal @ Sat Nov 06, 2010 at 20:18:38 PM PDT

  4. Canada endorses the UN Declaration! Now  we need to pressure President Obama and Congress to do the right thing too. Diary anyone?

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