American Indian movies

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Hello there.

I hope this is the right place to ask this question, if not then I do apologise.

I have been watching a few movies lately and am wondering if anyone can recommend a movie with a good depiction of Amercan Indians.

The best I have seen is Geronimo, it’s the only one that looks into mind and beliefs of the Chiricahua.

I thought Walter Hill did a fine job and the Indian actors were the best I’ve seen especially Steve Reevis and Wes Studi. The locations where it was shot were just stunning and the pace of the film was just right.

So any recommendations would be grately appreciated.

I am an Englishman from the south east of the UK.

Many thanks.


  1. in 2010 the Turner movie channel looked at Native Americans in the movies. Professor Hanay Geiogamah, Director of UCLA American Indian Studies Center, Co-Hosted TCM’s Robert Osborne.

    From that group I liked:

    Black Robe (1991)

    Smoke Signals (1998)

    Incident at Oglala (1992)

    (not as much)Thunderheart (1992)

  2. recommend Rabbit Proof Fence.

    You can read more about it below in Meteor Blade’s excellent diaries about how we are depicted in movies.

  3. Wes Studi is one of my favorite American Indian Actors. I was honored to meet him and shake his hand a few years ago.

    Report back here on your thoughts on any of the movies you see.

    Thanks for posting here.

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