Lets put an end to Begging for Propane by the Lakota.

Begging for Propane by the Lakota

Look, Last year the Lakota were freezing, and in desperate conditions.

This year, Same story.

It’s not good for them, it’s not good for anyone.

The Lakota need an inward cycled economy,rather then one dependent upon external support.

Part of the trick is having a sustainable economy.

it would seem that there is a massive labor surplus, and a massive economic deficit. (Lots of unemployment, very little money).  

pouring cash out to buy propane and fuel, isn’t helping.  

given Labor, Dirt and some technical skills, and some garbage, one can build an earthship.  


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  1. The Lakota have been freezing every winter since the U.S. ordered their extermination in the 1800’s. When the U.S. couldn’t kill them all they put them into POW camps now called reservations where they had been promised compensation but never received it and at the same time starved and their culture nearly destroyed.

    I invite you to read some history about this and please include some modern history; say look at the reasons Wounded Knee was taken over in 1973.

    It’s hard to rebound from this; your assets are confiscated or stolen and you are left with nothing. The government promises help but they never provide it, on going for decades.

    This is a deeply complicated problem with NO easy solutions or I and several others would have fixed them by now.

    I’m building a diary to touch on the obstacles involved and the permanent solutions to this issue. I invite you to look for it.

    pouring cash out to buy propane and fuel, isn’t helping.  

    Our group would strongly disagree with you, it is definitely helping.

    There is a reason we are calling the propane companies directly, it is to save lives. Because many oppressed Lakota can’t get help from the Federal or Tribal governments and risk freezing to death. They are being strangled by red tape.

    This is why we do this. We cut out the middle men 501c3s that use our money for overhead and I think give bad reports about their help to the tribes. We cut out the mismanaged Tribal councils.

    The unemployment rate has been around 80% for decades, that is not an easy thing to fix.

    Your earthship idea is a good one but IT IS NOT the answer to this chronic problem of broken treaties and government neglect of our tribes.

    Number 1: Honor the Treaties, that’s the first step.

    I urge you to read about the treaties and then I hope you’ll help us with technical advice on setting up Earthships that could help the numerous homeless ndns during terrible events like blizzards.

    Just be careful how you talk to us.

  2. For one family after another, building an earthship home would

    mostly solve the problem of enslavement to propane costs.

    As i posted on dailykos, asking for donations of unused woodstoves from all over the country would also help tremendously.

    I am sure there would be volunteers willing to pick up, deliver and help install these stoves properly.

    Many people from all over the country, tribal and non-tribal, would volunteer for this project- i know i would and i am an old woman.

    Let’s help fix the problem, not just throw money at it as a band-aide.


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