2007 minus 450 Years

The entire top floor of a very tall building in San Francisco is a grand apartment with gleaming stone and metal columns. The place is lush yet comfortable and simple with few perfectly beautiful and functional things. A banquet table is set on the west side of the suite filled to overflowing with the finest and most nurturing foods and drinks from all over the Earth. A group of spirit people meet here in silent celebration swirling in navy, charcoal, maroon and other dark garments and shoes of metal and stone heels somehow resonating with the columns of the room. These garments and the movement of these people catch the room’s twilight in joyful dance creating a low key symphony of light with their slightest movement.

These are here on assignment to celebrate and join together in one room for the support of the maturation of a spiritual contract that was signed 450 years ago between a group of Native Americans and a group of White Men. When the contract was signed the White Men agreed to pay a certain price after 450 years had passed.

This night was the anniversary

While the spirit people mingled in their silent celebration in the eagle’s nest apartment looking into each others eyes dancing eating drinking sharing one heart with joy and love in perfect communication…

While they danced 3 Red Brothers walked toward the meeting place on the ground. When they stopped the 3 together made the shape of an Arrow tip. Of unknown tribe they represent all the Red People of Earth. The Great Chief at the front had a Feathered head dress of white Feathers with ZigZaggy black tails and tips. The Feathers were arranged in diminishing size from large at the head to small at the ground. The two other brothers were of plainer dress with vests and suede trousers and belts and hats. All were complete in authority and unassailable right from the Creator direct in claiming the price.

The 3 White Brothers approach and assume an opposing arrow formation, all 3 wear business suits of blue gray hue and short hair cuts. They stand nervous in front of the Great Chief. The lead attempts to speak raising his right arm with finger up to ask for an extension.

The Great Chief stops him and says. There will be no extension, the time is now and you will pay the price. While the 3 White Brothers angle for time the 3 Red Brothers Stand and

In the Eagles Nest behind the Feast Table a small hunch back wizard has appeared. Thinking himself invisible to the spirit people and unknown to all concerned he prepares his magic spell with all manner of silly tools and potions and in the moment of final execution of this ultimate spell to destroy the spirit peoples interconnect

nothing happens

the little beast and his toys his red cape go into a rage and still

nothing happens

on the faces of the spirit people a slight smile may have passed yet so quickly , who knows

and on the ground

the 3 white brothers their leader his face like the scream of that danish painter

the price nor the terms nor the nature of this contract were disclosed to this

humble observer  

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