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I have been struggling with this for a long time… and I need someone to help me answer some questions. I grew up in a family with no identification of ancestry. All that I know about where I come from I found myself. My Grandfather is old now and he gave me a cedar chest full of old pictures and records of my family. I have always thought of myself as white but I didn’t know that I had much native blood until I went into the chest. All of these pictures I have found of my native grandmothers and grandfathers are amazing. I want so much to know about them but my grandfather won’t tell me much. All I know is what I have been told in pieces from my older family members. Muskogee, Navajo, Iriquois, Cherokee… this is what I have been told they were. Either way there is always something I can be proud of in all of my backgrounds. But what I really wanted to ask is how will other native peoples see me if I want to know more or spend time with them learning about my ancestry. I feel kind of lost to tell the truth and, I am thinking that you may not even want me here asking. If that is true then I will not bother you all anymore, just let me know. Thank you


  1. families. You are not alone at all.

    Your question:

    But what I really wanted to ask is how will other native peoples see me if I want to know more or spend time with them learning about my ancestry.

    Answer: Humans are human, some are nice, some are not. Some will welcome your questions, some won’t.

    You are certainly welcome here and this is a site to collect stories like yours and a to learn about all the American Indian cultures.

    Lucky for you, you live in an age of technology and you can take any search engine, insert key words about any tribe and read until you fall asleep. We have lots of information here and I’m glad you found us.

    Do you have a scanner?  I would love to see some of those old photos of yours.  

    Here are some of mine:

  2. I struggle with unanswered questions left with me when my paternal grandmother died. Someday I will learn more through research and/or genetic testing. In the interim I know that I have a sense of belonging and peace here and I have learned much from very wise people who are a part of this community.  

    Stick around and I’m confident you’ll find out you’re in the right place here.  

  3. I am just here doing research of surnames for my website and enjoyed reading about your search.

    I too would like to see your family pictures.

    I have also been on to find my family roots. It is amazing what information is out there. It takes a lot of tenacity but if you find as many places as you can and ask tons of questions, others will offer tips on where to go. Get your word out there. You just never know what relatives may come out of the woodwork.  Good luck to you!!


    (I do not have Indian ancestry but am always interested in this subject. You can ask me anything!!)

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