Call your Member of Congress today!

Support the Continuation of Tribal Housing Funds

This week, the White House and the leadership from the Senate and

House of Representatives are in negotiations to create a spending plan

to fund government programs for the remainder of fiscal year FY2011.

This is a critical time for tribes and tribal housing programs to

contact their Member of Congress and urge them to maintain 2010

funding levels for tribal housing programs.

Congress is on its sixth Continuing Resolution (CR), which will fund

government programs until April 8, 2011. The CR maintains FY2010

funding levels for most programs, including tribal housing programs.

The House of Representatives passed House Resolution (HR) 1, a

proposal to fund the government for the remainder of FY2011. HR1 makes

substantial cuts to non-security discretionary spending for the

remainder of FY2011, including a $200 million funding reduction to the

Indian Housing Block Grant (IHBG) program.

Reducing tribal housing funding to this level would have a devastating

impact on many of the nation’s most economically disadvantaged

citizens: tribal members living in tribal communities. Tribal housing

programs, in many cases, would have to close their doors and leave

their communities with few if any housing service options.

The National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) is encouraging

everyone to call your Member of Congress regarding the importance of

tribal housing programs and urge them to keep funding for the IHBG

program at the FY2010 level of $700 million. Since the current CR

expires on April 8 and the House has passed a funding proposal that

includes a funding reduction to tribal housing programs, it is

essential that you contact your Member of Congress this week.

Urge your Member of Congress to fund tribal housing programs at the

FY2010 funding levels: $700 million for the Indian Housing Block

Grant, $100 million for the Indian Community Development Block Grant,

and $3.5 million for training and technical assistance provided by

NAIHC.  Find your Congressional representatives and their phone

numbers and addresses here:…

For more information, please contact NAIHC at 202.789.1754.

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