A collection of Plateau Indian artifacts (photo diary)

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The East Benton County Museum in Kennewick, Washington, has a number of American Indian artifacts from the Plateau culture area on display.

 photo P1080166_zpsiytsw0rq.jpg The East Benton County Museum is shown above.  photo P1080217_zpsdncays7o.jpg  photo P1080203_zpsi6cxamat.jpg Shown above are some examples of bead and shell necklaces and beadwork.  photo P1080216_zpsyjgl5van.jpg The photograph above shows Indians fishing on the Columbia River before the dams eliminated the waterfalls.  photo P1080218_zpsplh0npb3.jpg Shown above is a hammerstone.  photo P1080219_zps6plfmejq.jpg Shown above are some fishing weights.  photo P1080226_zps5ffqxrdl.jpg  photo P1080220_zpsmw7qpefu.jpg  photo P1080221_zps9nulegw5.jpg  photo P1080222_zps9nzjasf4.jpg  photo P1080223_zpswabpr37q.jpg  photo P1080224_zpskzojtket.jpg  photo P1080231_zpsdi0p0rin.jpg  photo P1080237_zpsomcb8rpg.jpg Shown above is a portrait of Walla Walla leader Peopeo Moxmox.

At the 1855 treaty council, Peopeo Moxmox, told the Americans:

“You have spoken in a manner partly tending to evil. Speak plain to us”

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Petroglyphs—carvings into stone—are found throughout the Columbia River area. Shown below are some of the petroglyphs which are on display in the East Benton County Museum.

 photo P1080213_zps9lv2evel.jpg  photo P1080214_zps9zntqesq.jpg  photo P1080215_zpsgsorwcmu.jpg

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