Some Plateau Indian Artifacts (Photo Diary)

The Franklin County Historical Society and Museum in Pasco, Washington, has a display relating to the Indians in the Franklin County area.

 photo P1080056_zpsy9wejqyc.jpg This map shows the relationship of Franklin County with the Indian Nations of Washington.  photo P1080055_zpsoj2ifkl6.jpg Shown above is a depiction of a Wanapan village. The lodges are made using tule mats—woven from dried reeds and stitched together. The tule mats provided excellent insulation during the fall and winter months.

According to the display:

“Cultural knowledge transmitted through myth (ancient), tale (experiential), lore (anecdotal), and oral history provides practical and symbolic means to meaningfully relate to place and culture. These experiences develop more sensibilities for respect, stewardship, reciprocity (sharing), cooperation, hospitality, and cleanliness. Songs express appreciation for the ‘law’ that descended to Earth and put all things in existence commemorating the sacrifice of creation for humanity, and our gratitude.”

According to the display:

“Songs, dances, feasts, rites and other ceremonies recognize and commemorate relationships with one another, within families, among generations, and between peoples and creation.”

 photo P1080057_zpsmai9gewz.jpg Shown above is a wápash (root bag) made about 1915.  photo P1080050_zpsifkjzwl5.jpg Shown above is a woven flat bag.  photo P1080051_zpsgtgm9xpe.jpg Shown above is a bone hide scraper and a small beaded bag.  photo P1080052_zpsjnwmmzqy.jpg Shown above is a woven bag.  photo P1080053_zpsljgilodh.jpg Shown above are beaded gloves and a beaded bag. These are from the Spokan tribe and date to the 1930s.  photo P1080064_zpscgeqv6uh.jpg  photo P1080067_zpsxu4vfnuh.jpg Shown above is a beaded bag.  photo P1080070_zpsdntkcidt.jpg Shown above is a coat made from a Hudson’s Bay Company trade blanket and a hand drum.  photo P1080072_zpsrnvwem83.jpg Shown above is a ceremonial shirt and modern Pendleton vest.  photo P1080071_zps7ypy3gsj.jpg The fur trade was driven in part by style—shown in the black beaver top hat shown above.  photo P1080075_zpsrfejiylc.jpg Shown above is a coiled storage basket made by Susie Case Williams about 1920.  photo P1080047_zpsrxdzq6lc.jpg

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