Indian Artifacts in the Presby House Museum (Photo Diary)

The Presby House Museum in Goldendale, Washington, has three display cases filled with Indian artifacts. These included beaded items (moccasins, gloves, bags), baskets, and a variety of stone artifacts (pestles, mortars, projectile points). The items are displayed with no explanation of tribal histories or aboriginal use. Most of the items were probably trade items made by the Indian people living along the Columbia River for trade to non-Indians.

 photo P1040592_zps0tzrkzpe.jpg  photo P1040593_zpsflxilo8g.jpg  photo P1040594_zpsiwhvllt8.jpg  photo P1040596_zpsiuzf5g99.jpg  photo P1040597_zpses8qm7xe.jpg  photo P1040598_zpsabgjlq1e.jpg  photo P1040599_zpsvaetdmkx.jpg  photo P1040600_zpsw4hgusch.jpg  photo P1040601_zps8ppxtdjb.jpg  photo P1040602_zpsmcuhaaha.jpg  photo P1040604_zpsy7kyfvgz.jpg  photo P1040606_zpskki3hal7.jpg Shown above is a cedar bark basket. These were often used in collecting berries and roots.  photo P1040607_zpsaispng2b.jpg  photo P1040609_zpskygolajr.jpg  photo P1040610_zpsbyjok5oo.jpg  photo P1040611_zpsund6ojwa.jpg  photo P1040612_zpsr9cif9dr.jpg  photo P1040613_zpshvvtrfta.jpg  photo P1040614_zpseqsztvri.jpg  photo P1040615_zpswgk34bxx.jpg  photo P1040616_zpsuyrsdupd.jpg  photo P1040621_zpsruqqk38u.jpg  photo P1040622_zpsnrtllvzx.jpg  photo P1040623_zpsdoudg1od.jpg  photo P1040624_zpsw7j77tuh.jpg  photo P1040625_zpsnjsyvhou.jpg  photo P1040620_zpsbnyzgpiw.jpg

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