Please Share: Our NoDAPL TV Spot Hits Hard and Exposes Hypocrisy

NoDAPL-Tv-Ad.jpeg#NoDAPL TV Spot Exposes Discrimination and Hypocrisy in Moving of Dakota Access Route

To our netroots relatives:

We want you to know that, despite the raids clearing the frontline camps, our movement to stop the Dakota Access pipeline isn’t over by a long shot. Oil has not yet begun to flow, and new and very disturbing information has emerged showing government officials were duped, in a secret memo from the very company they were meant to regulate, by gerrymandered data intended to minimize and mask the pipeline’s harmful environmental and social justice impacts on the people of Standing Rock.

As our fight shifts to the courts of law and public opinion, we have rededicated our resources to legal remedies and a strictly targeted, no-holds-barred media campaign. We just released a powerful TV spot, designed to expose industrial and governmental hypocrisy, and keep the pressure on those in power to subject DAPL to a FULL and FAIR environmental review—as required by law and demanded by hundreds of thousands of American citizens. Take a look now, and please share it with your network.

We will not simply sit back and allow the Trump Administration to fast-track this dangerous “infrastructure” project at the expense of the Lakota’s sacred lands and only viable water source. Sunoco Logistics, which will operate Dakota Access upon its completion, is the worst pipeline company in America, responsible for more oil spills than any of its competitors. This horrible company is to blame for 254 pipeline leaks in the past 10 years alone, totaling nearly 1,200,000 gallons of oil despoiling Grandmother Earth in that time.*

And what’s Sunoco’s Plan B in the event of another spill? Just double down on terrible environmental policy and give the affected people bottled water. Unreal.**

Our ad made its debut during the morning news shows in Washington, D.C. this week, and it’s starting to get some media love. Tomorrow’s march on the capitol will put the exclamation point on our message. Please join us in keeping the eyes of the world on Standing Rock. As our lead attorney, Chase Iron Eyes, has so eloquently stated: “This struggle remains the true, timely intersection of environmental justice and the preservation of our inherent human rights. We plan to prevail.”

Pilamaya! (Thank you!)

Your friends at Lakota People’s Law Project (

PS: The wheels are starting to come off the Trump train, and we have victory in our sights. If you’re inspired by our #NoDAPL ad, please donate to our Media and Advocacy Fund so we can keep it on the air, and keep the heat on Washington.

* Download the zip file to the right for reams of data on the irresponsibility of Sonoco and many other pipeline companies.

** Army Corps of Engineers environmental assessment of the Dakota Access pipeline, dated July, 2016. The section referencing the use of bottled water is on pages 38-39 (pages 49-50 of the pdf).

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