From Boarding School to University

April 1, 2013 admin 1

When the English-speaking Europeans began their invasion of North America, they viewed Indians as “savage,” “wild,” and “barbaric.” These English-speaking Europeans viewed themselves as superior […]

The Genoa Indian School

February 15, 2013 admin 0

The Genoa Industrial Indian School was started in 1884 in a one-room school that had been originally built for the Pawnee before the tribe was […]

The Chemawa Indian School

December 1, 2011 admin 0

During the nineteenth and part of the twentieth century, American policies regarding Indians focused on assimilation. Under these policies, the American government sought to destroy […]

Carlisle Indian School

Carlisle Indian School

December 23, 2009 admin 0

( – promoted by navajo) In 1871, the United States governmental policies toward American Indians changed from dealing with tribes as nations to focusing on […]