I am glad I am a member of this blog. I am glad that I have made the kind friendly acquaintences here, even though I cannot spell that word.

I am glad, still. I am glad because of the people I have gotten to know a little, here.

Navajo. You so rock. Words fail.

Ojibwa. Your histories are so excellent.

Winter Rabbit; you of such strong conviction.

You rock too.

Meteor Blades? By now I’m settling down and chuckling in my seat.

Because I know you are always here for these people.

Your beauty and glory can never be refuted.

It’s been a hard summer, peoples. I have felt broken a lot.

Neeta helped. She has always helped.

She is gorgeous. You are all gorgeous.



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  1. I just mentioned your generous donation in my lastest diary which is now of the front page here and will publish at Daily Kos at 5PM today.

    Thanks again for helping with our propane efforts and helping us kick off the winter season.

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