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How can I dry your tears? How can I make right the things that have been so wrongly done to you? Where is justice that was promised? Would you hate us all? If you did you are justified in doing so. My heart aches as I read the life accounts of the brave men and women of long ago. I feel so connected to them but yet worlds apart from anything that is theirs. We all go searching for answers to questions and non are found. Must injustice always prevail? Now I see a country devouring us all in the wake of the same old lies and greed that consumed you so long ago.

What if?? Thats the question that burns within me.. what if?? what if things where done differently.. peace honored.. love given instead of lies and betrayal. There is no excuse under the sun for the sins of those who hurt you. Governments pride themselves on lies and run from the greater truths.

To go back in time and to have lived amoung you and learned your ways i would give my everything to do. You are strong, nobel and brave to face the past decades of what you have indured. Its hard to read the true accounts of history with out tears swelling in my eyes. Your grandfathers ghosts haunts my soul. I want to see change happen and the rightful sons and daughters reclaim the land that was stolen from them. I believe one day you will have that chance to do so. I am sorry for my grandfathers sins against you. Please do not hate us all.. for some of us know the truth of your history.. some of us see what amazing, beautiful people you where and still are to this day. I will change who I am and teach my children the truth about you. To show them that you where and still are the bravest of all people. With love I honor you and your fathers before you.  

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