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I have terrific news. My dear friends rfall and Oke, who is a contributing editor at NAN, Native American Netroots have come up with a great idea for our American Indian Caucus this year in Las Vegas. rfall took a look at the NAN team who is able to attend NN10 this year.




Kitsap River

Meteor Blades        



That is only 7 out of 27 of the editorial staff who can attend our caucus this year. We also have many interested readers who cannot attend either. rfall thought it would be great to make the caucus a webinar like event so people who cannot attend in person can participate remotely. rfall will be video taping our caucus and NN10 is going to stream it.

This is a last minute arrangement and we are not on the streaming schedule yet, please check back.

Oke is going to man her IM during the event and we can take questions or comments from remote users. Please send her an email now so she can add you to her IM list.

nativeamericannetroots at gmail dot com

The other reason we are able to stream our caucus is that we have a special presentation that will be given by Meteor Blades. MB is a registered member of the Seminole Tribe and he has an impressive history of Indian Activism that I became aware of from reading his comments over the years. Many people say that MB should publish his biography. Until then we will have a recording of the NDN part of his history taken at our caucus. I’ve asked him to recount his timeline for us during our caucus, afterward we’ll open it up for few questions and comments.

So please tune in and participate in our American Indian Caucus:

Thursday, July 22nd

10:30 AM – 11:45 AM

Miranda 5


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  1. Wow! Well done! It will be great to have a record of the event. Thanks for getting that put together.

    (navajo for president – she gets things doooooone!)

  2. know how to contact each other.

    He also told me about Trillian, a site which can also log you on to Yahoo and AIM. Maybe you know of this service, but it was new to me. I signed up, and added my AIM and Yahoo accounts. That gave me an ASTRA account, too.

    To the more tech savvy, does that sound like how we can IM at Netroots?

    My screen name is zekwean.

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