Barack Obama joins Crow Nation 2008

Does this not make the Lakota, Northern Cheyenne or Arapaho upset?  Now what makes this ironic (if you know the history of the Battle of Little Bighorn) is that the Crow nation served as scouts for General George Custer. And since our president appears to be backing all native Americans, he couldn’t have picked a worse enemy of so many Native American tribes (except for the Arikara who also served Custer as scouts). Barack Obama never ceases to amaze me as to how he is so historically ignorant. What really blows me away is how the Native Americans wouldn’t band together to defeat the “white man”.  If they had, history would have been a lot different.  That is what’s happening now.  Our president is so busy turning us against one another that he can’t possibly be bringing unity!!


  1. education and historical fact is the best way to deal with inflammatory posts such as yours. One mistake we learn from the time of allotment, is that the whites (historical usage) counted a lack of response as agreeing. When in fact not agreeing meant the opposite. So, allow me.

    First of all, this was the attitude:

    Massachusetts Senator Henry Dawes, convinced that the white man’s ways were superior, pooh-poohed the idea of communal property, although he did express sympathy for the Natives. “The common field is the seat of barbarism, while the separate farm is the door to civilization,” he said. Dawes explained that selfishness was the root of advanced civilization, and he could not understand why the Indians were not motivated to possess and achieve more than their neighbors.

    Next, relevant to your ignorant inflammatory rant was this:

    “The practice of pitting Indians against Indians reached its peak in the next phase of military activity, the American Civil War of 1861-65,”

    What were some ways they “pitted Indians against Indians?”

    They manipulated trade to do so, they gave weapons to the Cheyenne shortly after making contact; therefore, things to create conflict and pave the way for colonization. One of those things included using scouts as you mention, and the great tragedy is that while some served as scouts and some left their homelands in hopes of securing a better survival for them and their people, it didn’t work, because the white man’s plan was to exterminate all the tribes all along. What you have engaged in, is a form of genocide denial:

    11. Blame the victims.

       Perhaps the most insulting tactic of all. Saying that actually it was the Armenians who were massacring and wiping out Turks.

    Or in your case, saying by deduction that it was American Indians who were massacring American Indians or led to it – that it was the fault of the American Indian.

    Crazy Horse was ashamed of the men who went to scout for the Nez Perce, and neither of them created the conditions that led up to it, did they?

















    Your whole jargon misses the point, and is an insult to the coming together of individuals of American Indian decent and tribes that come together to defeat in the legal courts and in the court of public opinion – people like you.  

  2. Or any other tribe, for that matter?

    Newsflash:  We’ve all come a long way since Little Big Horn – we’re working together now.  I have yet to meet a fellow NDN who isn’t proud of President Barack Black Eagle.  Is he doing everything we want?  Of course not.  But he’s already done a hell of a lot more for our peoples than anyone sitting in the Oval Office has in 40 years.  And I fully expect that he’ll do much more for us during his tenure.

  3. navajo’s comment and said “yeah!.”

    Then I saw Winter Rabbit’s comment which has left me in awe at WR’s skill at using factual history to educate.

    I abhor what the diarist wrote, I am grateful for the wisdom I was gifted from WR’s response.

    Now I’m going to suggest to you, raymccoy12, that you keep your cursor off the publish button here to avoid looking any more foolish and ignorant than you already do.

    My first impulse was to ban you, might still be a good idea, but we all have to learn, hope this can be a positive learning experience for you.

    Don’t expect this much tact if you ever again publish anything similar to the BS you have above.

  4. the armenian massacre is a big old lie!

    the system is putting out everything on the table just to destroy the Turks.

    greeks, kurds, armenians.. they all have one thing in common: they all hate Turks and all spread the same lies about the Turks.

    back in the days during some war in Turkey, while the Turkish soldiers left their villages to protect their lands, Armenians came and raped their wifes. when the Turkish soldiers came back to their villages, they saw their wifes raped and left for dead or murdered. some of the Turkish women/girls who got raped committed suicied just to protect their honor as Turkish women and girls.

    Afther that the Armenians left their own women and children and immediatly moved to the United States because they were scered of the revenge of the Turks.

    That’s the reason why there are so many Armenians in the States.

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