Ignorance, Apathy, & Getting Elected – Why Racism Against American Indians Gets Few Headlines


Why is it that every time there is a hate crime or racism committed against American Indians – it doesn’t make national headlines, or get much attention? Why is that, would you please tell me why is that?? Is it guilt for one’s ancestors’ actions against indigenous people? I’ve seen that in comments and heard that in conversations. If so, that is completely useless. Nonetheless, I assume a reason is guilt headlines like Drums, whoops and war paint: Team spirit, or racial mockery? don’t make the national stage. I draw your attention to this title, “Ignorance, Apathy, & Getting Elected – Why Racism Against American Indians Gets Few Headlines,” before elaborating.

The land which was put, really forced, into trust because of genocide was supposed to yield compensation to help tribes survive (The U.S. government has agreed to pay a total of $492 million to 17 American Indian tribes for mismanaging natural resources and other tribal assets). The United States government is not keeping its agreement as usual; (At this time, there are over 30,000 Class Members designated as Whereabouts Unknown and thousands more whose addresses on record with the Claims Administrator are not current); but, the guilt is useless. Nobody in my opinion is ever responsible for their ancestor’s actions. I’ll make my next assumption.

A perception, I assume by its deafening silence, may be that this will not help get democratic candidates elected to office. A truth is the Republican Party baths in racism and genocide denial every day, and that’s where they get their power from. And why doesn’t racism committed against American Indians get much attention? It requires Democratic congressmen and congresswomen to stand up to the racist Republican Party, like when President Trump has proclaimed Monday Columbus Day — without any of his predecessor’s qualms. That — is something quite frankly as a whole — Democratic congressmen and congresswomen are still not very good at (thanks be to the few that are). Why focus on getting the democratic voters to come out and vote democratic who didn’t last time, when it’s so much easier to cowardly bow to the racist Tr*mp voters. I’m waiting for one of the commentaries of the “big tent” philosophy to call it a big tipi, not because they are ignorant of American Indian issues, but because they are so ***damned ignorant of American Indian issues. Ignorance, apathy, and getting elected — that’s why hate crimes and racism committed against American Indians don’t make headlines and get recognition – it sure ain’t guilt.

(I voted for Hillary and will vote Democratic)


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