American Indians Artifacts in the Fort Dalles Museum (Photo Diary)

The Fort Dalles Museum in The Dalles, Oregon, has a collection of American Indian artifacts on display in the dining room of the Surgeon’s Quarters.

 photo P1030551_zpsfrh6acbc.jpg  photo P1030552_zps3fjmtfyj.jpg  photo P1030553_zps717ccbeo.jpg  photo P1030554_zpslnqu25mr.jpg  photo P1030555_zpsa4iuoxzw.jpg The stone tools shown appear to be primarily pestles and manos used for processing seeds and grains.  photo P1030557_zpswqcikamn.jpg Included in this batch of stone tools are some hammer stones which have been grooved so that they can be halfted. It is also not uncommon in the Plateau Culture Area to have stone pestles which have been shaped to resemble an erect penis.  photo P1030556_zpsibzr5vt2.jpg  photo P1030559_zpsbj6vcsth.jpg  photo P1030560_zpskjcw9g49.jpg Included in this collection of artifacts is a stone shaft-straightener (that’s the stone with the deep groove in it) and a stone pipe.  photo P1030563_zps2licdfgg.jpg  photo P1030564_zps3latjlu9.jpg  photo P1030565_zpsbsdowdbd.jpg  photo P1030566_zpsxd93nzo2.jpg  photo P1030567_zps4ap1ebu4.jpg  photo P1030568_zpssrtanpr0.jpg The clay pipe shown with these stone artifacts is probably not an American Indian artifact.  photo P1030569_zpsctyhqlqj.jpg  photo P1030562_zpshocyh2hn.jpg

Beaded Items

 photo P1030573_zpsku2ynhpw.jpg The beaded gauntlet shown above once belonged to Chief Tommy Thompson.  photo P1030574_zpslxuqhl0o.jpg  photo P1030575_zpssiac6hny.jpg

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