The Siletz Room (Photo Diary)

The Siletz Room in the Burrows House Museum in Newport, Oregon, contains baskets and beadwork from the Clarinda G. Copeland (1852-1929) Collection. Born Clarinda Gertrude Kisor, she married Professor James Chambers in 1870 and in 1883 they moved to the Siletz Reservation where James served as trader to the Confederated Tribes of the reservation. When he died in 1884, she became the only woman in the United States granted a license to trade with Indians. In 1889, she married W. C. Copeland and moved out of the area.

In 1855, the Coast Reservation or Siletz Reservation was established by executive order of President Franklin Pierce. The new reservation ran approximately 102 miles north and south along the Central Oregon coast. The headquarters compound for the new reservation was built on a hill overlooking a broad expanse of meadow on the Siletz River.

The Reservation was established for 27 Indian tribes whose original territories ranged from southern Washington to northern California. These tribes spoke at least ten different languages.

Some of the objects displayed in the Siletz Room are shown below.

 photo P1180411_zpsj0cn988z.jpg  photo P1180448_zps15kqcydq.jpg  photo P1180421_zpszvfhhkwg.jpg  photo P1180413_zpsieo78o9i.jpg  photo P1180414_zps4wumnh6f.jpg  photo P1180415_zpsv1xyel4c.jpg  photo P1180416_zpsnxbcmfvg.jpg  photo P1180417_zpsohaycox1.jpg  photo P1180420_zpsor0xgy4e.jpg Shown above is a dance apron.  photo P1180422_zpsn9vmsxio.jpg  photo P1180423_zpsave32yq8.jpg  photo P1180424_zpspgg6cvwp.jpg  photo P1180425_zpsdmp3bjgf.jpg  photo P1180426_zps2w8cmkvy.jpg  photo P1180427_zpsvh6wngnq.jpg  photo P1180428_zpskh2hyi5d.jpg  photo P1180429_zpskwzji1ck.jpg  photo P1180430_zpsnonbbwvz.jpg Shown above is a hopper which was used when grinding acorns into flour on a stone mortar.

 photo P1180431_zpssazgt9mb.jpg

 photo P1180432_zpsmraqzxqx.jpg  photo P1180433_zpsajvmcebf.jpg  photo P1180434_zps3ahurcgk.jpg  photo P1180435_zps90udxqiu.jpg Shown above are money carriers made from bone.  photo P1180451_zps46cy4uzo.jpg

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