Some Plateau Baskets (Photo Diary)

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As Grandmother Taught: Women, Tradition and Plateau Art was a special exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Washington. The Plateau Culture Area is basically the area between the Cascade Mountains and the Rocky Mountains.

 photo P1070415_zpscns83sj8.jpg The Indian nations of the Columbia River Plateau are shown above.

With regard to weaving baskets, Sherrie Smith-Ferri, in her entry on basketry in the Encyclopedia of North American Indians, reports:

“The finished basket, with its complexities of spacing, balance, symmetry, and placement of design elements onto a three-dimensional framework, had to be conceptualized at the start. Nothing was written; the weaver carried this intricate image in her mind even as she focused on the technical demands of basket construction.”

Writing in 1904 about Indian basketmakers, Otis Mason, in his book American Indian Basketry, reports:

“Her patterns are in her soul, in her memory and imagination, in the mountains, watercourses, lakes, and forests, and in those tribal tales and myths which dominate the actions of every hour. She hears suggestions from another world.”

Otis Mason also writes:

“In ultimate structure, basketry is free-hand mosaic or, in the finest materials, like pen-drawings or beadwork, the surface being composed of any number of small parts—technically decussations, stitches, or meshes, practically separate from one another so far as the effect on the eye is concerned.”

Shown below are some of the baskets from this special exhibit.

 photo P1070455_zpsvyu1mf8l.jpg  photo P1070456_zps0m6kkjdb.jpg


 photo P1070444_zpsaiwsynba.jpg Shown above are imbricated coiled baskets. These are Klickitat, one of the tribes of the Yakama Nation.  photo P1070454_zpsaut7fvdf.jpg

Thompson River Band

 photo P1070448_zps1jzrhrvq.jpg  photo P1070451_zpsxr7xnhn0.jpg  photo P1070452_zpsq7urh2xx.jpg


 photo P1070449_zpsjnjdeyit.jpg

Fraser River (Sto:lo)

 photo P1070457_zpspt59ijhx.jpg  photo P1070460_zps5nsmjunb.jpg  photo P1070461_zpsipbaelji.jpg  photo P1070465_zpst5fjdwdo.jpg  photo P1070466_zps82yxwpn6.jpg  photo P1070467_zpspezvemag.jpg

Colville Reservation

 photo P1070470_zpsv3xg7ude.jpg  photo P1070471_zpsw2oxythk.jpg  photo P1070472_zpswzl2tmds.jpg  photo P1070473_zpspx4dnb3b.jpg  photo P1070474_zpstlvxalvh.jpg  photo P1070475_zps3ltjpgtj.jpg  photo P1070477_zpswubwsjap.jpg  photo P1070478_zpshywbnvww.jpg  photo P1070479_zpsndoojzoz.jpg  photo P1070481_zps8f4dyihg.jpg  photo P1070482_zpsipqahpfu.jpg  photo P1070483_zpskt6sczii.jpg

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