Women, Tradition, and Plateau Indian Art (Photo Diary)

As Grandmother Taught: Women, Tradition and Plateau Art was a special exhibit at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Washington. The Plateau Culture Area is basically the area between the Cascade Mountains and the Rocky Mountains.

 photo P1070641_zpsft1sq69f.jpg  photo P1070415_zpscns83sj8.jpg  photo P1070520_zpsj2igmtkx.jpg

According to the Museum display:

“Women have been the primary makers of the functional forms necessary to everyday life; materials and techniques are time-honed, having been perfected over generations. Though traditional ways of life have evolved, women still carry forward this knowledge.”

 photo P1070353_zpsluf1kpo6.jpg Shown above is a twined cylinder gathering bag.  photo P1070355_zps1xsbcqwg.jpg Shown above is a Nez Perce beaded woman’s hat.  photo P1070357_zpsemhfh41j.jpg Shown above is a Coeur d’Alene beaded pouch.  photo P1070359_zpsmkncsbul.jpg Shown above is a Klickitat imbricated coiled basket.  photo P1070361_zpsnoc5itrg.jpg Shown above is a beaded bag.  photo P1070363_zpspox06jgb.jpg Shown above are Coeur d’Alene miniature woven baskets.  photo P1070365_zpsxe3rle0n.jpg Shown above are a Coeur d’Alene beaded purse and coin purse.  photo P1070372_zpsfkemmiow.jpg Shown above is a photograph of Mourning Dove.

Mourning Dove was a writer, feminist, and activist.

 photo P1070393_zpsnao1j3b0.jpg  photo P1070394_zpsyuvfzicg.jpg  photo P1070429_zpswltypnjg.jpg Shown above are baskets made by Bernadine Phillips from the Colville Reservation.  photo P1070446_zpsa5rglhnl.jpg Shown above are baskets from the Salish-speaking Thompson River Band.  photo P1070462_zpsigo5ty9m.jpg Shown above are baskets from the Fraser River Band (Sto:lo).  photo P1070468_zpsvq4vdqwd.jpg  photo P1070485_zpsbuqtan4e.jpg Shown above is a Nez Perce doll.  photo P1070497_zpsz90k3mt6.jpg Shown above is a beaded wool dress from the Flathead Reservation and a woman’s beaded bag.  photo P1070499_zpsejhpwync.jpg Shown above is a cloth dress.  photo P1070501_zpsmdwwmzbm.jpg Shown above are Nez Perce beaded cuffs.  photo P1070503_zpsud6zsqao.jpg  photo P1070508_zpsw1uj0eph.jpg  photo P1070515_zpsruh2q7ee.jpg Shown above is a cloth shell dress and a toy Nez Perce cradle board.  photo P1070517_zpsnjfun3cu.jpg Shown above is a beaded wool dress from the Flathead Reservation and a woman’s beaded bag.

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