Retracing the Ancestors’ Steps

 Fermore Craig Sr and Chief Gary Burke

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The  ancestors would be pleased. Members of the Confederated Tribes on the Umatilla Indian Reservation went hunting with trucks and rifles, but kept to the spirit of the ancestors in their hunt.

“They’re letting our elders that have gone on now know we haven’t forgot what they’ve done,” said Fermore Craig, Sr., a tribal member who knows stories of the old hunters. “They broke that trail. Our elders made that trail for us to follow. We’ll keep that connection between the buffalo and us.”

Craig notes that the land remembers the people, and that the people remember the land.

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  1. that drift out of the Park area face an uncertain future.

    In a holding pen, 525 buffalo waited for government agencies to decide whether they live or die.

    The animals had left the park over the past few weeks following a historic migration path out of the deep snows of the high park plateau where they live downward along the Yellowstone River drainage to lower elevations where food, and less snow, can be found.

    This puts them on U.S. Forest Service and then private ranch land that is the home to cattle operations.

    The concern is the spread of brucellosis from buffalo to cattle.

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