AZ-Gov: David Garcia (D) Lays Out A Three Step Plan To Make College Tuition-Free In Arizona

13607929_G.pngDavid Garcia (D. AZ)

Received this e-mail today from education-leadership professor, David Garcia’s (D. AZ) gubernatorial campaign:

I am writing to you today to announce my plan to make college free for Arizona students!

Education is the door of opportunity for people like me who have passion and talent but need a chance. My folks were working people – my dad was a commercial painter and my mom worked at an electronics factory – they loved me and they worked hard but getting through college was not something they could help me navigate.

We need to break down barriers to allow more Arizona students like me to succeed, earn a high paying job and contribute to our home state. That’s why I am going to fight to make attending college free for all Arizona students.

If you believe in this vision too, can you make a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 today?

Ducey and Republicans have cut higher education here in Arizona more than any other state in the country. He zeroed out Community Colleges from the state budget completely. Zero!

My plan has three steps which you can read here.

1. Make community and tribal colleges tuition-free for all Arizonans on-track to complete their education.

2. Keep our best and brightest in state by allowing top Arizona graduates to attend Arizona public universities tuition-free.

3. Develop a multi-year plan for in-state students to attend Arizona public universities tuition-free and without debt.

People will say we can’t do it, that we don’t have the money. We can do it and we will make this a reality in Arizona! It’ll take courage and political will but I am ready if you stand with me. Are you with me?


Click here to read Garcia’s plan.

Click here to donate to Garcia’s campaign.

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