Working that Skirt: A $500 Challenge for Okiciyap

“What skirt,” you say? Yesterday, volunteers for Okiciyap (we help) the Isabel Community, put the skirt on the trailer. AND…we have a $500 challenge grant, good to tomorrow at midnight, This donor is asking all the small donors to get … Continue reading

North Dakota U Dumps Fighting Sioux Mascot. Can We Finally Get Rid of ‘Prairie N****r,’ Too?

( – promoted by navajo) What does the epithet “Prairie Nigger” have to do with the controversy around the University of North Dakota’s mascot, the “Fighting Sioux?” It’s simple. Racism. Simply racism. Follow me from a 2009 Tribal Council Meeting … Continue reading

The Chemawa Indian School

During the nineteenth and part of the twentieth century, American policies regarding Indians focused on assimilation. Under these policies, the American government sought to destroy Indian cultures: their religions, their languages, their manner of dress, their government, their traditional economies, … Continue reading

Centuries of Genocide: Modoc Indians, Part IV

In case you missed anything… Part I describes the first generation of Modoc people to contact European-Americans, and the slow war in the Klamath Basin that destroyed the Second Generation. The Ben Wright Massacre is analyzed. Part II encapsulates the … Continue reading