The Chemawa Indian School

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During the nineteenth and part of the twentieth century, American policies regarding Indians focused on assimilation. Under these policies, the American government sought to destroy […]

Salish Kootenai College

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The Navajo Community College was established in Tsaile, Arizona in 1969.  This college was an outgrowth of the idea of self-determination in which the tribes […]

Choctaw Education After Removal

Choctaw Education After Removal

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By 1840, some 40,000 Indians from the Five Civilized Tribes-Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole-had been resettled in what is now Oklahoma as a part […]

Moor’s Indian Charity School

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( – promoted by navajo) Many Christian missionaries, both Protestant and Catholic, have wrestled with the problem of how best to convert the “pagan” Indians. […]

Native American Food: Camas

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( – promoted by navajo) The Plateau Culture Area is the region which extends east from the Cascade Mountains in Washington to the Rocky Mountains […]