Artifacts in the Sherman County Historical Museum (Photo Diary)

For tens of thousands of years prior to the European invasion of North America, American Indian people made and used many different kinds of stone tools for hunting, for gathering wild plants, and for processing foods. For the past two centuries or so, non-Indian collectors have been gathering Indian artifacts and displaying them in cabinets of curiosity without much concern for the story they might tell about American Indians. Once artifacts are taken out of their archaeological context, their ability to tell a story about the past is diminished. The Sherman County Historical Museum in Moro, Oregon, has a collection of Indian artifacts.

 photo P1030981_zps1ktax5xe.jpg  photo P1030990_zpsnx0xdntm.jpg  photo P1030991_zpsobe7ttkz.jpg  photo P1030992_zpsgf9xqoky.jpg  photo P1030993_zpstzjzpifn.jpg  photo P1030994_zpso81n1wxg.jpg Shown above are some beads and other items of personal adornment.  photo P1030995_zpsaonk0dxu.jpg The largest of the beads shown above is about the size of an American quarter. The beads were shaped and the holes drilled in them using stone tools.  photo P1030996_zpszlkvl4az.jpg The antiquity of American Indians living in North America is seen by the association of Indian artifacts with extinct mammals such as the mammoth.  photo P1030997_zpsg20aog2t.jpg  photo P1030999_zpskjls8wyp.jpg Shown above are awls, gravers, and drills.  photo P1040001_zpsyakd3fxv.jpg  photo P1040002_zps0drtmljb.jpg  photo P1040003_zpsuype1k29.jpg  photo P1040004_zpsavlomolx.jpg A closer view of the stone scrapers which were used in defleshing hides.  photo P1040005_zpszflrt3nv.jpg Stylistic dating can provide only a very rough idea of how old projectile points are. The archaeological context is needed for accurate dating.  photo P1040007_zpscrndkepd.jpg This collection of arrowheads is from a salvage archaeology project conducted along the Pacific Gas Transmission Company Pipeline.  photo P1040008_zpsb7cykcrh.jpg  photo P1040009_zpsnnxmw2an.jpg Shown above are grinding tools used in processing plant foods.

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